Friday, July 21, 2006

Rescue Me: Hellrazor

Ruthless. Greedy. Amoral. Tasteless. And dead! The victims of the villain-killer Scourge have many flaws. I could have helped them with that fourth one.

Hellrazor (first appearance: Marvel Team-Up #87, November 1979) had a very 90's name and powers (he shot razors at people) but a very 70's look. He's dressed for the ballet adaptation of a Gor novel! I just can't say it enough: What the hell?!! Still, the combination of the Ye Olde Renaissance Faire look and the name "Hellrazor" intrigued me. So here's how I would have costumed him:


Just wristbands? Screw that shit! I say, "armor the fucker up!" So we have a plate armor suit with a Dark Ages twist -- devil helmet, boots that look like animal feet, and claws on the gauntlets. And then I added a hooded tunic to bring it all home. Y'know, I really wanted to go buck wild with the horns -- make them gigantoid and majestic, but they would have made the hood unwearable and also it would have been one more thing for a good guy to grab 'hold of whilst punching Hellrazor in the face. I like the way it turned out, though.

Next: Who is the Mechano-Sarge, and how does he help me usher in a new challenge?


Justin Garrett Blum said...

Hellrazor--with Kung Fu Grip!

Anonymous said...

Looking good! Pretty unique look Hellrazor has going on in your design. I could see him battling Daredevil (Devil vs. Devil) or Ghost Rider. I like how you try to keep the positive side of the character's original look and adapt it to something more cool and tasteful, as opposed to just redoing the character from ground up. In my opinion, what you do takes more thoughfulness and talent.

Wow, looking at his bio (thanks for the link) this Hellrazor guy was a serious tool. Marvel Team-Up had tons of bad guys like this, didn't they? I'm thinking of Thermo the Thermodynamic Man, Modular Man, and Cutthroat here.

crowdedhouse said...

Your redesign makes him look like Blue Devil's evil cousin, and now I can't stop thinking about the two of them fighting:

Hellrazor: "Foul knave, you doth disgrace mine profession and all demons to call yonself a devil. Have at thee!"

Blue Devil: "EEEEKK!"

Chawunky said...

Man, Hellrazor's original look has to be one of the least coherent theme/costume matchups I've seen. That outfit is headscratchingly vague--and it would be utterly unremarkable were it slapped on an extra in a Warlord comic.

Your design is distinctive and eye-catching. This fellow I can see howling for Spider-Man to show himself whilst astride a wrecked taxi on 5th Avenue. I like the Etrigan flava that tunic brings.