Tuesday, August 08, 2006

All Glory To The Highfather!


Dig my sweet-ass Donegal!

When I closed the polls -- nominally at 10 PM last night, although it turned out to be barely 10:01, with somebody getting in one last vote at that time, the "Highfather" vaulted into a decisive lead over the second-place finisher, the "Doctor Strange." Here's the voting breakdown:
  • 1st: The "Highfather," 75 votes, 38% total
  • 2nd: The "Doctor Strange," 55 votes, 28% total
  • 3rd: The "Wolverine," 36 votes, 18% total
  • 4th: The "Dum Dum Dugan," 31 votes, 16% total

So that's 197 votes in all. (Coming from probably five people... heh, heh!) Now, I love all these looks -- or else I never would have offered to grow them -- but I will admit that y'all surprised me. I had a feeling that the "Dum Dum Dugan" would be a front-runner, after all my gushing about it in my earlier posts. But somebody out there was hell-bent on my growing the "Highfather." And I'm more than happy to oblige. It's a splendid beard, if I do say so myself: luxuriously long and thick, yet beautifully trimmed and shaped, and it looks boss as hell. I have a real "circus strongman" thing going now. I only hope Brother Bicep doesn't get too jealous.

I sketched various costumes to go with the different facial hair configurations. For the "Highfather" -- which is actually a Donegal, and here's a page showing a rather handsome young man wearing one -- I went with a low, square neckline and short sleeves. With such a gloriously leonine beard on display, I thought it would be best to show a little skin. It goes with the strongman/tough guy/fantasy barbarian feel of the beard. (I've taken to monopolizing Jeremy's churchwarden pipe, since I look so much better smoking it than he does.) And the costume is purple and orange. But of course.

Thank you, everyone who voted. Have a terrific day!


Anonymous said...

BB, Popeye called. He wants his forearms back.

This is cool. But I was really rooting for the Dr. Strange. I'd have liked to see you design some kind of tough, biker look around that.

Anonymous said...

I, too, was rooting for the Doc Strange, but the better ballot-stuffer won. Le sigh.

That said, the costume is a simple yet dynamic design, with nice visual interest in the midsection! I've always thought crew necks were a good touch in hero uniforms, and I like that you recognized the need for the clothes and hair to match...would that more heroes were aware of such necessity.

Yes i'm looking at you, Mullet Supes!

Phillip said...

Well, they were all good choices, and I think I did vote for this one, (tho not exclusively) so I'm glad it won. While it is nice to know the "proper" name, I think it'll always be the Highfather to me.

Wor ver.= gyfve. Hip abbreviation for that makeover show on Bravo that my wife just finished watching.

Brandon Bragg said...

You've kinda got that whole fake- Australian Lex Luthor clone vibe happenin' there.

Looks cool.

googum said...

Hellfire, I missed out here: I woulda voted for the Dum Dum Dugan. Regardless, either one would be pretty impressive--I don't shave for days, and not much. If I was going to grow one? The Yukon Cornelius. Yeah.