Monday, February 20, 2006

Snappy Answers To Stupid Costumes

snap dragon
Beware the Cylon Ninja Whore, my son.

Maybe you thought that Jericho had the ugliest George Perez costume design ever. Well, you were wrong. This here is Snap Dragon, from a Black Widow story in "Marvel Fanfare" #12 (January 1984). Everything about Snap Dragon's costume is unattractive and contrived, which renders further analysis pointless. So instead, I'll just make fun of her. Oh, snap!

- Oh, so that's Rob Liefeld's mom!

- Christo chose her crotch as the site of his newest installation.

- Okay, so she's got all the rest of that crazy shit going on, and yet there's a man's necktie clipped to her panties. Does her cooter have a job interview?

- Snap Dragon, about your hair... Sasquatch called; he wants his pubes back.

- I hope Mister Sinister is paying her well for these Cyclops fantasy sessions.

- Rom: Spaceknight has fatter thighs than I remembered.

- That's not a bustier. That's just a really bad case of dermatitis.

- That boxy little thing on her right forearm? Pez dispenser.

Okay, I'm done. Your turn!


Phillip said...

The look of pain and anguish on the redhead in the foreground says it all, really.

Scipio said...

"That boxy little thing on her right forearm? Pez dispenser."
Or a Perez dispenser, tee-hee, ho-ho, chortle!

It was the scandal of the cult when Kobra made his sister head temple prostitute...

Gryphon Rose said...

Apparently Best Little Whorehouse had a rummage sale. And boy, did she rummage!
Actually, it's pretty much all tassles and frills--maybe she assembled her outfit from Party Warehouse!
What I really want to know is how she attached that sword to that garter belt. That's got to be . . . interesting to draw. But hellish fun at her wedding.