Thursday, March 02, 2006

Ladies, Are You Embarrassed By Unsightly Arm Flab?

Flabby Arms

Well, you could always try wearing Captain Marvel's costume.

I don't know what is going on with those goofy-ass sleeves, but they're ruining what is otherwise a classic costume design. Kudos, 1983 staff of Marvel Comics! Fun fact for those of you who are only familiar with Captain Marvel/Photon/Whatever The Hell The Poor Woman Is Being Forced To Call Herself These Days from 1984 onward: her costume is not miscolored on this Avengers cover. For her first few appearances, the silver part of her outfit was tinted pink, not blue. Thank God they changed it. But they kept the voluminous sleeves. And then they gave her a jheri curl. And then they depowered her. And then they changed her name. So it was like "one step forward, twenty gazillion steps back." Which, if I understand the nice folks at Television Without Pity correctly, basically makes Captain Marvel an honorary member of the family on "Good Times."


Adam said...

I'd like to see that costume without the flab/wings. What do you make of the redesign?

Jeremy Rizza said...

What th'--?! I had no idea! And they're calling her "Pulsar" now? Ugh, it just keeps getting worse.

First impressions:
1. Is the coat really necessary? Also, isn't the "coat over spandex" thing a huge cliche at this point?
2. Nice boots!
3. What on earth is the thigh-bracelet? Besides extraneous, I mean. Even if it's a plot point -- like some kind of essential piece of technology -- does it really have to be on her thigh? It's like wearing a wristwatch on your thigh. Not comfortable. Looks stupid. And it's very Rob Liefeldesque. Which ain't good.

I love Stuart Immonen -- he drew and (I presume) designed what I think is the only really cool Cosmic Boy costume right before Zero Hour hit. But this costume looks a bit boring to me. Plus it has some elements that look like they were just thrown on there without much thought. I bet the final version will look better. Um, this isn't the final version, right?

Thanks for the link, Adam!