Friday, March 03, 2006

The Many Handy Functions Of That Thing On The Demon Druid's Hat

Handy Hat

1. Mini-crossbow
2. Shortwave radio receiver
3. Nifty hood ornament for Texas oil baron's stretch limousine
4. Lifesize model of history's most evil pretzel
5. Bubble wand
6. Thighmaster
7. A common tool in the medical fields of orthodontics and gynecology
8. Interlocking Chinese puzzle sold exclusively at the Smithsonian
9. Wind chime
10. Dreamcatcher
11. Press one mouse skull eyeball, it plays "Nearer My God To Thee"; press the other, it plays "My Humps"
12. After Captain America defeats the Demon Druid, he can just hop on his back, grab the horns like they're bike handlebars, and ride his sorry ass to the jail


jaz said...

This is a great blog...

It's funny, just the other day I was showing a gal pal pictures of Power Girl from Wizard Magazine just to get her commentary on how likely it was that a lady could even work her way into that costume, much less, um, keep everything in place when she threw a punch...

And today I discover your blog.

Keep up the good work...

Jeremy Rizza said...

Thanks, Jason!

One of the funniest things I've found about a lot of superheroine costumes is what I've termed "the individually wrapped boob effect." That's where the costume is drawn in such a way that the fabric hugs every square millimeter of both breasts. Sure, it's unrealistic to the extreme, but then the reader gets to pretend the lady in question is topless (and without nipples).

Jeremy Rizza said...


Well, Kristin, the Demon Druid is an Englishman. I think you just figured out the original use for that thing on his hat!

Scipio said...


Definitely 12.

Jeremy Rizza said...

I agree, Scipio! But Joe Quesada would only publish that under the "MAX" imprint.