Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Composite Doorman

(From "Mad About Millie Special" #1, Marvel, November 1971.) What a horrifying apparition! And what awesome power he must wield in this odd, amalgamated form! From top to bottom I count:
1. General Zod's hat
2. Wolverine's sideburns
3. Ultimate Wolverine's fey little beard
4. Captain Nazi's epaulets
5. The Phantom Stranger's gold-plated disco medallion
6. Gorilla Grodd's torso
7. Little Dot's favorite pajamas, and
8. Jesus' sandals

Any additions or corrections will be welcomed with open arms.


joncormier said...

Dear God that man has no hands!! No hands I say! Oh, he could just have them in his pockets - but still!

I think he has Rogue's collar from one of her older costumes. I'll have to look this up on google image or something - bah, I'm too lazy.

Steven said...

Nightwing's mullet.

Michael said...

Isn't that Captain Crunch's green hat?

Anonymous said...

What's even more bizarre is what you're not seeing; underneath that getup he is wearing Emma Frost's lingerie!

By the way, shameless plugging perhaps and in no way related to this hapless dude's attire, but if you're interested, I've recently done a fashion-related posting at my comics blog. Not trying to steal your shtick or anything. ;)

Jeremy Rizza said...

Haw! Excellent ideas, guys! And Justin, that is one sweet blog you have! I especially liked the High Evolutionary's ideas for "improving" various starlets. (Say, why doesn't Angelina Jolie have three rows of serrated teeth? I call shenanigans!)