Monday, July 10, 2006

Coming Attractions

I'm on a bit of an artistic tear, which means that posting may happen in the evenings but it will still be daily, Monday through Friday. (And I'm trying to get back on track for morning posting but it might take some time. Please, bear with me). And the really good news (I think) is that it'll be all-artwork for awhile. Here's what you can expect this week:

Tonight: Moral Reversal: The Flash And Murmur
Tuesday: Rescue Me: Shellshock
Wednesday: Rescue Me: Mirage
Thursday: Moral Reversal: Green Lantern And Clock King
Friday: Rescue Me: The Vamp

And keep those ideas coming! You guys are positively inspirational!


Steven said...

Going through the original moral reversal post, the two suggestions I liked the most were Captain Marval/Mr. Mind and Starfox/Thanos.

As for a gender reversal, how about Black Canary, (the leather jacket, bustier, and fishnets costume).

Anonymous said...

One of the blogs out there (I think it was Random Happenstance) just did something on an Silver Age Superman comic that had a male Black Canary make an appearance through one of those Mxyzptlk-ian (sp?) odd-ball scenarios. Funny stuff. The artist (can't remember who it was) basically didn't bother to change the outfit at all--just removed the fishnets.

I'd like to see you take on some really iconic moral reversals, like...Spiderman/Doctor Octopus, or Fantastic Four/Doctor Doom, or something. Actually...this would be a pretty good conceit for something over at my Uatublog. I may steal this idea. heh.

By the way, I did think that the Iron Man/M.O.D.O.K. thing was genius.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to it!

Anonymous said...

In case you didn't see it below...

Howsabout doing Birdman, of the Ani-Men fame? He and his cronies never get no love.

(You just have to promise to leave those awesome antennae!)

Scipio said...

Here's what I would like to see you tackle: a taxonomy of supercostumes.

Surely there are themes, grouping, overall tendencies and clusters of attributes that would allow you to classification costumes by type (to some degree at least).

Is even Blockade BOy up to such a challenge...?!

Jeremy Rizza said...

Steven: I can promise you Starfox/Thanos and a gender-reversed Black Canary.

Justin: FF/Dr. Doom tickles my fancy so I'll add it to the list! Don't let me stop you from doing something brilliant with it on your own blog, though!

The Thing: With antennae? Now, that's a challenge!

Scipio: Great; now I gotta look up "taxonomy." Seriously, I'd be happy to do something like that! But later. Much, much later.

Word verification: hexdc. Damn product placements!

Anonymous said...

For the "Rescue Me" category, I nominate Mirage, that old Spider-Man villain with the embarassing "teapot handles" at the sides of his head. What the hell was that about?