Wednesday, August 02, 2006

No Super For You!

I gave Membros the day off so he could attend Antron's funeral (got burned to death by some kid with a magnifying glass). So I have to tell you myself that my "Lionfang" post will be delayed until late, late tonight. I'm still stuck in the design stage. I've been sketching and sketching. Jeremy asked me why I looked so frustrated, and I told him I couldn't come up with a costume worthy of Lionfang, and then he guffawed and said "If you can't even design a costume for a fourth-rate loser like Lionfang I think you need to just give the fuck up and get a job at McDonalds or that nine-planet ice cream shoppe you're always talking about" and I didn't like his tone at all so I grabbed his nose between my index and middle fingers and twisted it real hard until a little blood came out and that was the end of that.

So I'm gonna shoot for sometime tonight or worse-case scenario early tomorrow morning, like around one-ish. I know, I know. Sorry.

One thing I know for sure is Lionfang's gonna have a cool Abe Lincoln type beard because it's leonine. And speaking of interesting facial hair, look for something fun along those lines at the end of the week!


Chawunky said...

It's a damn shame Antron went out like that. It seems impossible--he had a hook and an eyebolt!

Standing by for hair!

naladahc said...

Antron... Membros... and???

There was a third one that I'm drawing a blank on.

Scipio said...

"nine-planet ice cream shoppe"

I really miss that place...

Chawunky said...

naladahc: The fellow you're thinking of is the buzz-saw badass known as Repto, he of the red bat wings exceedingly pointy nose..

Sigh I had a Repto and an Antron, once upon a time...The line was on the cusp of expansion, but distribution faltered as Mego was then-close to going belly-up.

Chawunky said...

"bat wings and exceedingly pointy nose, that is.

I was gonna pick up a Repto when they did a commemorative release of reproductions a few years back, but damned if I could find one.

I did get a gen-u-ine die-cast Space Glider with feeble jetpack though...

The Thing That Walks Like A Man said...

The line was on the cusp of expansion.... -- Chawunky

You're familiar with Kronos, Lobros, and Centaurus, right?

If not, I aims to please!

Chawunky said...

Yeah, that's them--we never got those where I grew up, dangit.

As I understand it, those three didn't get the same level of exposure the first three did.