Friday, December 22, 2006

What's Your Christmas Wish?

mannyhead This Christmas I want one of them persunal hovercraft deals like I seen the Atomick Skull use cause word around the pokey is the Skull is putting together a new gang only you got to own your own persunal hovercraft deal if you want to join up so that'd pretty sweet I mean I hear his benefits packege is top of the line with all your dental needs completeley covered which I guess makes sense considdering if you got a skull for a face your gonna make pretty goddamn sure your teeth look nice right? Also I want for that bum Steve Lombard at GBS to use one of them sports bloopers tapes I keep sending him I mean I got this one thats a real byoot its from the time I was in Two Faces mob and he put me in charge of filming our heists so we can go back later and see any mistakes me made and anyway this ONE time we was robbing the box office at the Gotham Goliaths game on Free Hat Night and Batman was chasing me and Izzy and Soupbone and then Batman conks Soupbone right in the old melon with a Battering and he goes flying over the rail and he lands on the umpire in a way that it looks like hes ass-ramming him I mean thats pretty good right? I dunno.

lancelothead This Christmas season I'd like for once to get away with wearing my special mistletoe hat at Harry's office building without running into that one burly delivery guy who makes kissy-noises and winks at me and calls me "Precious." Also, I'd like to get his phone number. Er, so I can give that turkey a real piece of my mind! Yeah.

membroshead I want an oficial Micronauts Crater Cruncher, the orange one, with the bulldozer scoop and the extendable crane. Because I'm tired of walking to work.

lennyhead Id like to get in another post before the end of the year I mean its been what? Seven months now or something? Jesus Christ. Does anybody in theyr right mind think that Manny chump is any kind of replasemint for ME? Like hell he is I mean I coold take that fat balding dope any day of the week and you can tell him I said that too. My cellmate Fabian got released last Laber Day and I feel like I dont see nun of my old friends no more and I aint had a mackaroon in ages Im getting serious lonely you guys. Blockade Boy where are you?

stormboyheadnew2 I'd like for Santa to bring me a diamond-tipped grinder I can use for sharpening costumes. Also? I want Blockade Boy to realize that he's a horrible fashion design and to turn over the blog to me so I can start righting all the fashion wrongs he's made. Night Girl in a printed catsuit? Puh-LEASE. She obviously should be wearing a full-body owl costume with cut-outs for her beehive and her tits.

headshotjeremy I just want everybody who has ever stopped by this blog to have a great holiday, whatever it happens to be.

blockadesantahead Me too, Jeremy. In some ways, I wish the Christmas season would never end. Mainly because I've gotten more action in this Santa outfit than I've gotten in my last four costumes combined! Oh, well. (And don't fret, Lenny; I'll visit you next week.) Happy Holidays, everyone!


The Watcher Uatu said...

Mery Christmas and a happy New Year. You have my best wishes for your timeline surviving the several dimensional reality cascades currently rippling throughout your universe and rewriting continuity.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...
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Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Merry Christmas, Mr. Potter!

Phillip said...

Happy New Year to you... in jail.

Seriously, see y'all next year!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas BB.

Anonymous said...

I wish for no untoward collapse of the local sun. Other than that I'm good. Happy Yule!