Monday, March 12, 2007

Gender Reassignment Challenge: Dazzler to Sundog

With the Gender Reassignment Challenge, I take a reasonably feminine costume and reimagine it for a male version of the character. This week I chose everyone's favorite 80's Disco Queen... the Dazzler! The Dazzler's comic outlived Disco -- by quite a few years, actually -- and her formerly fabulous sequined togs had to be dropped in favor of something more "rad." In between the two costumes was a long stretch where she just wore plain clothes... assuming you consider ankle warmers and off-the-shoulder sweatshirt-dresses "plain."

My He-Dazzler (and no, Scipio, I refuse to call him that) is no Disco King. As amusing as that might be, I figure Marvel would have positioned a male Dazzler (Ellison Blaire!) as a rocker. Sure, he'd be one of those ill-defined fictional rockers favored by out-of-touch, aging Baby Boomers in the early 80's. You know the type I mean -- he'd front an allegedly "Punk Rock" band, but his attire would be mostly Glam, Funk, and Alice Cooper/KISS face-paintin' metal. But he'd wear bracelets with spikes on them! Certainly that would be "Punk," right, you granola-chugging, social-security-gobbling dinosaurs?

Here's Dazzler in her original outfit:


And here's the "edgy" "hard core" "bad-ass" version... Sundog!


Why "Sundog?" Because "Dazzler" just isn't ROCK 'N' ROLL!!! Also, it gives me the excuse to change Dazzler's goofy facepaint butterfly into something more like Peter Criss (or Eric Carr) might wear. I changed the one-piece into a tailored vest and slacks with no shirt. It's very Glam Rock. And/or Chippendales. The disco ball pendant is now a sun pendant, and the rollerskate boots are now stylized boots with teeth on the bottom. And he has Ozzy Osbourne's hair. Now, this is a guy who might debut in a gender-reversed "X-Men" comic, at a rock concert attended by She-clops, Wolverina, and Colossess.

Six issues before her book's cancellation, Dazzler got a snappier, more superhero-y costume, with assymetry gone berserk and, apparently, Supergirl's old headband.


Sundog's version would reflect, and maybe even foretell, metal trends of the 80's... and 90's!


The headband is a bandana, worn low over the eyes, a la Male Pattern Baldness-Era Axel Rose. Not that Sundog has any such problem, natch. The Aztec-style sun symbol from his pendant is now writ large on his chest. And on one of his calves, for reasons unknown even to myself. Except Dazzler did it. Most importantly, the assymetrically exposed skin is now hankerchiefs, and plenty of 'em! That's a very 80's rock thing to do. Hey, it was either that or Swatches. And Swatches were waning in popularity at that point. I think. Aw, what the hell do I know, I live in a glorious future paradise that you primitive losers can't even begin to comprehend! Oh, I'm sorry. I'm lashing out again. It's just that Weight Wizard and I had another fight, and I think he's broken up with me because he faked his own death again. That's always a warning sign, right? Anyway, enjoy the costumes!

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Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

I don't know about that first one, BB. He looks good butched up in the second one, though.

Anonymous said...

I re-did the coloring with an eye toward the 90's style animated look, and I have no idea if you can post pictures in blogger comments, so here's the URL.

Phillip said...

I always preferred Dazzler's second costume, but I never realized how assymetrical it was! I only ever saw it in X-Men, not her own comic. I think they're both great reimaginings, BB. Especially the first, faux-punk one.

Anonymous said...

The first one in particular is simply smashing--the drawing is just full of great little details, and it conveys real personality.

Plus, he could totally've been played in the movie by Michael Beck of The Warriors and Xanadu fame.

But I must admit of some mild (mild!) irritation, due to there being a character of my own devising who's also called Sun Dog. But comic book hero names are so hard to come by; there are so few left--when '90s Marvel started trying to slip adjective-based names by us, it was telling.

Scipio said...


I would call him "Dazzlando".

Jeremy Rizza said...

Glad you all liked (some of) them!

Chawunky: that's good casting!

Scipio: Of course you would.

Kynn Bartlett said...

I would have called him Disco Stu.

Jeremy Rizza said...

Heh. I can imagine him talking like Disco Stu, that's for sure.