Thursday, June 07, 2007

Spiritually Uplifted (and Separated)


Hey, quit ogling her! Can't you see she's a nun? What the hell is wrong with you?! Christ almighty!

Okay, so according to the dialog (in "Rebirth" #1 from Tokyopop) she's technically a monk, but I'm having enough trouble accepting the idea that she'd wear that inane get-up under her (conveniently destroyed) robes without trying to factor in the notion of a co-ed monastery. Huh. I wonder if all the monks have to dress like that, or just her? ("Brother Matthew, the Abbot is concerned you're spending too much time studying the scriptures and not enough time grooming your bikini area.")

But mainly it's the tonal discrepancy that bothers me. "Rebirth" is a serious, if melodramatic, action-horror manwha and then you have Our Lady of Perpetual Hotness here looking like she just stepped out of a David Lee Roth video. I dunno. Maybe I don't get it because I'm from a different culture (i.e. the FUTURE!).


Dave said...

Wait a minute.

You're from the same future where Shadow Lass and Cosmic Boy ran around looking like hookers?

I'm surprised that Madonna's get-up from the "Like A Virgin" era isn't mandatory church vestments in your era -- even, or especially, since they've since disproved the existence of God...

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Welcome to the monasstery, brother, time to hammock up.

Blockade Boy said...

Dave: The only problem I have with this costume is that it's inappropriate in context of the story. If this was one of those manga/manwhas that was clearly intended to be a comedy, with saucer-eyed waifs weilding oversized weapons and people screaming with gigantic mouths every other panel and little chibi characters filling up the margins, then yeah, a highly religious woman dressed in sexy lingerie would fit right in. But it's not. And I had no problem with Cosmic Boy's black-and-silver costume. Why would I? I designed it myself! I just couldn't get him to wear the chainmail pants that went with it. I think he said they chafed or something.

Jon: My mind is aswirl with so much imagery right now!

MaGnUs said...

God, how I hate Cosmic Boy's black and flesh costume.

Blockade Boy said...

Because we're friends, I'm going to pretend you didn't say that.