Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Triumph is a Dish Best Served Flame-Broiled


Mmm... triumph.

As you can see from this panel, the reviews for Mesmero's one-man show are in, and the critics have not been kind. (It's a good thing Farley Granger didn't pull this shit on the closing night of "First Impressions", huh?) The sad thing is, Mesmero looks ten times better in that fireproof gear than he does in his own costume!

I wonder if he's still wearing the bonnet.


Nate said...

I bet that suit is asbestos. Boy is he gonna regret that!

Anonymous said...

Hey, is he wearing stuff from Deborah's cast-off pile? The body of the suit looks a lot like her raincoat, and I can only assume a snazzy dresser like her would have a helmet to match. Add the bonnet, and I smell catty competition! Please tell me the story (if indeed such exists) is resolved by fashion show.

I am curious about why only the top of the face shield is riveted, though.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

So his triumph is blowing up a bunch of theater goers? Am I missing something here?

Jeremy Rizza said...

Gyuss: ...leaving this plotline ripe for a "Daredevil" crossover!

Anonymous: Heh. I wish this comic ended in a (motherfuckin') walk-off between Mesmero and Spider-Man. And the face shield is insufficiently riveted because he went with the lowest bidder.

Jon: You (and the rest of my readers) are missing a lot, because I failed to mention that Mesmero filled the seats with hypnotized theater critics. Oops. I'll get to them tomorrow.

Dave said...

Mmm... savory smoked triumph.

"Smells like... bacon?"

Jeremy Rizza said...

I prefer my triumph teriyaki-style.