Tuesday, January 01, 2008

"The Plainly-Seen Playmate", by Robert Louis Stevenson


When heroes are fighting to make Gotham clean,
Out goes the playmate who plainly was seen.
When heroes are scrapping and kicking some ass,
Out goes the playmate face-first through the glass.

Somebody heard him, and somebody saw,
His is a wound that is bloody and raw,
And his mouth gives a warning, with whispers and squeaks,
To outlaws who hole up in shops for antiques.

He lies in the alley, he rests in the grime,
He cries when you kick him the seventeenth time,
Whene'er you are angry and cannot tell why,
The hero's best Whipping Boy is sure to be by!

He loves to be cold-cocked, he hates to give in,
'T is he whose left knee-cap is set with a pin,
'T is he whose right ear is a roseate clump,
And he walks with a limp (his right leg is a stump).

'T is he, when at night you drive by in your car,
Bids you to jump him and add a new scar,
For whoever he is, be it henchman or thief,
'T is he assuages your feelings of grief!


Nepharia said...

Very nice.

I've read a lot of RLS, but have never seen this one. Will have to make a note of it. :D

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...


Yappy New Year, er if that's what you celebrate where you are now. I guess you could be celebrating Life Day for all I know.

Bill S. said...

I would say that this practically begs for a dramatic recitation from Blockade Boy, but then when I was reading it, I heard BBs voice reading it in my head. Maybe it's some kind of future tech that I just don't know about yet? Regardless, good show!

Jeremy Rizza said...

Nepharia: I believe you can find it in "A Child's Graveyard of Verses."

Jon: "Life Day"?! *shudder*

Bill S.: Thanks! Oh, and about the voice... I implanted a chip in your head, while you were sleeping. I hope that wasn't too forward of me.

Bill S. said...

I usually require dinner and a movie before I allow a guy to implant a chip in my head.

Jeremy Rizza said...

I guess I forgot about your quaint 21st century customs. If it'll help, I'll time bubble-mail you a Snickers bar and a Netflix coupon. (That was always good enough for Jeremy, when I'd screw with his head.)