Monday, April 21, 2008

That's Not What Guys Mean By "Bros Before Hos", Superboy


Mon-El first grew suspicious when he awoke to find a greasy, S-curled pube in his mouth.


Vegeta said...

I always knew Kal-El was a little strange, but not sleep rape strange.

Gus Casals said...

If that would have been me instead of Clark, I would have justified myself by saying that well, Lar is incredibly hot and hard to resist.

Now, this being Kal, and the whole "brothers" thing, and given that they are almost identical twins... narcissism never ends well, much less taken to these extremes.

Comixbear said...

Now I'm hearing the sax heavy music from porn movies from the 70's in my head...and that's not an everyday occurance! I swear!!

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Are you sure this panel isn't being taken out of context?

Jeremy Rizza said...

Vegeta: Considering that old story about him losing his virginity to a never-seen-again Smallville gal with the help of his skeezy, hypnotizin' Kryptonian robot teacher, I wouldn't put it past him.

Gustavo: Agreed... Superboy is so taken with himself, he'd just as soon do the nasty with one of his robot duplicates. But absent one of those, Mon-El is the next best thing.

Comixbear: Is it mixed with the Superman movie theme? 'Cause that's how I'm imagining it!

Jon: *gasp* WHAT?! HOW DARE YOU?! I WOULD NEVER--! GET OUT! JUST GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE--! ...Honestly, some people--!

Nepharia said...

Nice indignation -- and not over done either. :D

Johnathan said...

"I just wanted to see if the alias 'Bob Cobb' had any basis in fact."

captain koma said...

Are you going to don your sash again and do some judging?

We found a new hero machine thingy too.

Yep thats right we all still can't draw.

Jeremy Rizza said...

Nepharia: *gasp* WHAT?! HOW DARE-- aw, I just can't stay mad at you! (Also, please don't cut me.)

Jonathan: Heh. Dirty nerd jokes! The best kind of dirty jokes!

Captain Koma: It'll be a few more days yet, I'm afraid. I'm swamped with requests to license my name for various brands of cereal, theme park rides, and sex toys. I might have to hire a p.r. person! But if you can wait 1,000 years, be sure to try new Blockade Boy soylent jerky! It's the longest, thickest, juiciest jerky stick you ever put in your mouth!