Friday, June 20, 2008

Rubber Clown Suits Become You


A fine "bromance"! Intrepid sexual adventurers Ant-Man and Southern Cross thought it would be fun to break into Yellowjacket's house for their latest escapade. The danger makes it all seem so much more thrilling, somehow, don't you agree?* Half-hidden under a pile of blankets in the master closet, Yellowjacket was too sloshed on mojitos to join in on all the wrestling and spanking. But that's okay. He loves to just watch, too.

Starring Arch Hall, Jr. as Ant-Man! (Seriously, his head is like, 80% pompadour in this panel.)

*For realsies, though: don't actually try this, kids. Unless you're the Unbeatable Blockade Boy! I've battled my way out of many a "sticky" situation, and I have the switch-laser scars and phaser burns to prove it!


Gus Casals said...

Ahhm, the thrill of the Master giving you your first costume. And the additional thrill of his approval! He was Groggy, but watching. You dirty one, you..

Ryan said...

Watch out for snakes, Blockade Boy!

Bill S. said...

EEGAH! (Sorry...)

How come Yellowjacket never really wore a yellow jacket? He's wearing yellow spandex; but then, calling himself that wouldn't strike fear into anyone's heart, save the fashion-conscious. Also, wouldn't those shoulder things (what you call 'em? Other than ugly!) seriously impede your line of vision? Even more than wearing the cowl? Methinks he needs a redesign, my friend! (Time permitting, natch.) I do like the antenna, though: every robot I've ever drawn have had antennae like that.

Also: it looks like Ant-Man is pulling a Kid Psycho and hiding his big, hydrocepahlic head with a really lousy toupée.

LurkerWithout said...

I miss the female Yellowjacket. I don't even remember how she died, just that it was really stupid...

Jeremy Rizza said...

Gustavo: *grins*

Ryan: Heh. I've always considered "Eegah" to be a horror film, since Richard Kiel's glorious mega-beard gets shaved off. It's my own personal Vietnam!

Bill S.: I actually really like Yellowjacket's costume. But I have to admit, Byrne drew the "wings" way bigger than normal, here.

Lurker: Wasn't she killed by Kang-controlled Iron Man? In which case, yep, really stupid.