Monday, November 20, 2006

Legion Of Substitute Costumes: Fire Lad

As rejected Legion applicants go, Fire Lad actually has some decent powers, and they make for a neat visual; he breathes fire. The Legion turned him down because his power was "too dangerous and might cause accidental holocausts." I think that was just a nice way of telling him his costume sucked.


Designed by the Archduke of Squares, John Forte, Firelad's duds hit the viewer over the head with a "FIRE!!!" theme, including a fireball belt buckle that looks more like a pretty yellow carnation. My suggestion: dial that shit back a notch. Or two!


I've balanced out all that yellow, orange, and red with an equal amount of cool white. And I designed a nice, graphic torch symbol for him. I also like the contrast of the head-wrapping cowl and the punky haircut. It's an edgy look to go with his carnival sideshow powers.


Anonymous said...

You get a guy who is literally flaming and you advise him to tone it down?

I don't think I KNOW you anymore.

Anonymous said...

That's hot. Mostly the ass but the costume ain't bad either.

- cozmic

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Yeah, I was going to say that you got him to start working out on the Buttmaster(tm) as well.

Anonymous said...

Cool! Nice redesign. You're right, the LSH probably turned him down because of the costume. After, all, his powers are no more dangerous, than, I don't know, the guy who can hurl lightning, the guy who can manipulate magnetic fields, the guy who can transmute elements, or the guy with the solar powers. Speaking of which, wouldn't Fire Lad be disqualified because Sun Boy has the same powers as him and probably can do a lot more besides? Dang LSH. They didn't have to use the lame "Your powers are too dangerous!" excuse. They could've just said, "Why'd you waste your time showing up, Fire Lad? We've got a dude named Sun Boy already! What do you think he does, shoots sunspots at people?"

Anonymous said...

Bravo! The whole "hair as fire" look is SO overdone (I'm looking at YOU, Firestorm, Firehawk, Waverider, Starfire). Good to see a superhero with a non-standard haircut, too.

Anonymous said...

The torch icon on your version looks more like a flower than the fireball beltbuckle in the original looks like a flower.

Jeremy Rizza said...

Steven: You did see my Color Kid design, right?

Anonymous 1: Heh.

Jon: Yup, that part's non-negotiable.

Anonymous 2: I gave up on expecting the Legion to act in a logical or professional manner a looonnng time ago.

Anonymous 3: Thank you for picking up on that! I knew I didn't want to go with the flame-hair cliche but it was a real puzzler for me coming up with an alternative. But I like it and I'm glad you do too.

Chance: Meow! I don't suppose John Forte was your grampa or somethin'. Or maybe... Storm Boy! I should have guessed that was you!