Monday, January 29, 2007

I Suppose This Puts the Kibosh On Our Trip To 'Shoe Carnival'

bbwhitestachehead In "The Fury of Firestorm" #6 (January 1982) an old Flash villain gets his hands around a powerful instrument.


Yes, it's the Pied Piper, Masturbator of the Pan Flute.

Y'know, I don't care if he's a musician; that outfit absolutely kills any sex appeal he might have had. Who'd he swipe the tunic off of? Woozy Winks? Not that he had many choices. I think it's interesting that back in the Olden Days of Comics patterned fabrics were only available in polka dots or in simple, grid-like plaids. No wonder the supporting characters were so square... everything they wore was the graphic equivalent of a cold shower! Only the superfolk knew how to dress for bedroom success: in the most flamboyant manner possible. To put it another way: if you were a guy and you wanted to get laid back then, you had to walk around with a fin on your head (Doctor Light being the obvious exception to that rule).

The Pied Piper was in dire need of a makeover. And he'd get several, eventually Not that I've been terribly fond of any of them. But he also got one in this very issue... kind of! Before I show you the "after," suppose you let me drop the needle on this old Bernard Herrmann record and adjust the neck on that tensor lamp just so. Okay, I'm good. BEHOLD!!!


"Do something!" Er... alrighty. Given my knowledge of Greek mythology, I'd probably jostle the deputy there and shout "Somebody get this man a wineskin, a flask of scented oil, and a slim, hairless teenage boy, quickly! Also, somebody send in a donkey covered in flower garlands! (That one's just for me.)"

Yikes, huh? I think I liked him better in the polka-dot clown costume. Poor Piper. He's got the most literal case of satyriasis in medical history. Yet in a cruelly ironic twist, his penis has completely vanished. On the plus side, this bizarre metamorphosis should keep him away from the pixie boots for awhile.

But wait! It gets worse!


Not only did he get horns and elf ears, but his case has been assigned to a gynecologist! He must have a really crappy HMO.

To be honest, they would have cured him already, but they need the cheese. (No penis! You do the math.)


Anonymous said...

You claim his penis disappeared, but that "Yeowk!" Firestorm I yelled out indicates that he saw something.

Brandon Bragg said...

It looks like he's giving birth to a calf in that next to last panel.

I think I'm gonna be sick...

Jeremy Rizza said...

David: Well, sure! The baby is crowning!

Brandon: Yeah, pretty much any panel from any Firestorm comic produces a feeling of nausea.

Nepharia said...

Oh, and it looks like he's doing the Lamaze method instead of the Bradley method....too bad.