Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Archie Andrews: Origin


Strange... the poor deranged fellow has been scampering about the Canadian woods for months now and there's still nary a wisp of hair 'pon his apple cheeks. Even creepier? He has no nipples. (Where do I put the alligator clamps?)

Ah,well. Sooner or later, Mister Weatherbee's goons will throw a net over him and drag his ass screaming back to Weapon X Memorial High School.


Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Well he is the best at what he is and what he is ain't pretty.

Jeremy Rizza said...

Of course, if this had been a Claremont story, ol' Arch wouldn't have been able to restrict himself to a five-word dialog balloon.

Scipio said...

Angry Archie is kind of hot.

Jeremy Rizza said...

Other than the "no nipple" thing, he is kinda workin' it. The beauty part? This is a "caveman" version of Archie. And when he's not charging at the reader at full steam, his hair looks like it normally does... only it's a few inches longer in the back. Yup! Cave Archie has a mullet! And so does Cave Reggie! And this story was published a good fifteen years before the hairstyle was actually invented!