Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Fresh From the Coven


"Why so depressed, Pamela? Is the weight of your gigantic medallion making it hard for you to stand up? We all wear them, Pamela! It's traditional! And you can use it to open bottles and change tires! No, Pamela, I don't care if you're a size 0 and can't wear any fabric heavier than organza for fear of bone fracture... you're not allowed to wear a daintier medallion! Hmm? There's something else? What-- your shoes? Well, of course they're orthopedic! Why wouldn't they be? They symbolize our great demon lord Azazazazel's fallen arches! Now put on your neckbrace and stovepipe hat so we can start the ceremony!"


Phillip said...

For a girl with such small shoulders, she sure has big legs (not that there is anything wrong with big legs...)

Jeremy Rizza said...

Say, you're right! Her lower half is built like a Robert Crumb character.