Thursday, November 15, 2007

He's Not the Perfect Fighting Machine; He's Just Big-Boned


"Tub"? So that's where I've seen him before! It's just that I didn't recognize him, without that undersized sailor cap hovering over his noggin.




Yes, the Perfect Fighting Machine is, in reality, one Mister Tubby Tompkins... a.k.a. Little Lulu's special friend.

(A special thank-you goes out to Michele Maki's "Little Lulu" page, which was the original source of all these covers.)


Anonymous said...

He's just sad that his hat managed to escape the bizarre gravitational field that kept it in orbit around the top of his head.


Anonymous said...

I wish Batman would stop emoting his gravy all over everything. He's going to ruin the ice cream and the calculator if he doesn't stop. The purple and orange threads, too (need a sidekick, BB?). Then Tub will get mad and try to kil--

What? Oh. Never mind, then. Temporal causality loop. Check.

Unrelated, with the black guy's pose, here's hoping that Tub's friends are actually a folk rock band. Heee-eeey, Tu-hub, can I have some ahce cream (yeah!).

Bill S. said...

I get the significance of the ice cream cone -- just in case we didn't guess that from the girth and the jibe that this guy eats a lot -- but why is he holding a calculator like a talisman? I'm getting a Flowers for Algernon vibe here.

His is certainly a face that damn near begs for facial hair, if only to mask the acres that span his nose and upper lip. In fact, grow a beard, improve his posture, pierce a nipple or two, and package it all in denim and/or leather, and I'm pretty sure this guy would be a hit any Saturday night at the Eagle.

Jeremy Rizza said...

Phil: Haw! I was wondering if the hat was just out of panel-range, but I like your theory better.

Anonymous: I could use a "sidekick" alright (of sorts!) but hey, I'm not desperate.

Bill S.: Bravo needs to get you your own makeover show, stat!

Phillip said...

Wow, He is Tubby! He looks exactly like him. The only way it would have been closer is if they'd put him in short pants.

Jeremy Rizza said...

And he's not stupid or out-of-it -- he's merely performing his one-man street theater play, "Waiting for Lulu." (The New York Times called it "a work of astonishing courage and brevity.")