Monday, January 07, 2008

Emergency! Come Right Away!


Huh. Well, if he's anything like "Doctor Bombay", this should turn into one hell of a story! Bombay was always doing bad-ass shit like climbing Mount Everest and getting into shark fights, and he was the hardened veteran of many a tussle (with his own nurse, anyway). So if anybody could put Batman's stubborn tuckus in a bed and keep it there, it's him.

And I see that the mysterious extra arm is pitching in, by dialing the phone for him. Thank you, Thing!

(In the background, Batman removes his itchy woolen top, in preparation for giving Alfred the pimp-slapping of his life.)


Scipio said...

I hope Doctor Dundee is also a barber...

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

That's so funny, as soon as I saw Alfred say "Doctor Dundee" I immediately thought Dr. Bombay as well. It's like our brains are on the same wavelenghts or something!

Anonymous said...

I don't think he has an extra arm. I think his shoulders are actually a lot lower than that, and he's wearing football-style shoulder pads to make himself look "beefier".

He's probably trying to impress Bruce. What? The rest of the panel is completely slasherific.


Jeremy Rizza said...

Scipio: Haw! Nothing like a face full of Alfred's dreadful combover, huh? Bruce is looking a mite shaggy, but heck, it was the 70's. I'm surprised (and more than a little disappointed) he's not sporting a big, smeary mustache.

Jon: Either that, or we just watch way too much TV!

Phil: The "safe word" is "Batarang!" (Also, I hope Alfred has Dr. Dundee check on why his hand is melting into the receiver.)

Anonymous said...

Wait, is that a hunchback?
Christ, it's Riffraff! And as Alfred Pennyworth, Richard O'Brien.
Ugh, visions of Rocky Horror/Batman crossover fanfic swim before me.
"I've been building a man
with pointy ears and a tan."

Actually, Bruce is looking a lot like Roj Blake... ARGH! NO BLAKES 7 CROSSOVERS! Especially if Avon's gonna wear the Robin costume (shudder).

-Lord Morgue

Jeremy Rizza said...

Blake's 7? Heh. I had to look that one up, not having seen it since I was a wee li'l Blockade Tot. The cast is less oily than I remember. (On the contrary, they're all blow-dried to within mere inches of their lives.)

Anonymous said...

But you have to admit, Avon looked the shiggigity shiznit in black leather with aristocratic silver trim. Not so much in the red leather "lobster suit" or the silver "baked potato" poncho.
And leave us not forget Servalan, the only villainess CLASS enough to tramp through alien sewers and deserts in white evening gown and heels, role-model to drag queens across the multiverse. DAHHHHLING.
(and if you make her wear purple, she will SHOOT YOUR POOR OLD BLIND FATHER, it's true. And I still hold the only reason she genocided the Auronaar was because Cally was played by an actual fashion model who had such long elegant arms that she HAD to die.)

-Lord Morgue

Jeremy Rizza said...

Haw! You're actually making me want to see this show again! My memories of it are about three decades old, and I could only recall it as being filled with characters who were depressing and mean and kind of oily. I guess I was wrong!