Friday, May 23, 2008

Doctor Tectonic


Here's fellow blogger Doctor Tectonic, in a little ensemble designed by yours truly. See? I can do formal wear! This is the picture I did in exchange for using the Doctor's tattoo ideas. It depicts the Doctor in a classy outfit of trousers, vest, top hat, and exoskeleton control harness. I wore something similar to court when I had to contest a hoverbike speeding ticket. I was forcibly ejected from the proceedings when I threatened to "destroy [them] all." Er, oops.

Doctor Tectonic is a steampunk-styled genius inventor, who owns both an earthquake cannon and a battlesuit, the latter of which I'm told resembles an egg with a handlebar mustache. Not that there's anything wrong with that. His otherdimensional alter-ego, Seth McGinnis, has the Doctor's glorious facial hair and goggles, but not the cannon or battlesuit. Which is kind of lame. Gee, I'm glad I don't have an otherdimensional alter-ego! (Jeremy who--?)


LurkerWithout said...

Bah! Tectonic is nothing but another punk whipper snapper. Is it no wonder he's always being confused with Doktor Teutonic? Of course not!

Does he have a nemesis? Did HE have to master the dreadfully complex Anti-Hug Matrix to keep her from converting all his Death Robots with hugging?

Of course not!

Hes a nobody! A schmuck!


Comixbear said...

Two words spring to mind....."Oil can!"

Gus Casals said...

Well, it seems the whole "Reviving the Human Flame" thing is hitting the bloggers, given lurker´s comments. Guys, spread the love...

And speaking of spreading the love, you BBoy, animal... is that an exoesqueleton below the Doc´s trousers, or is he really happy to see us?

Bill S. said...

I'm glad to see you're posting drawings again; it seems like it's been so long!

I like this drawing a lot: I like the spotlight effect in the background, and I like the sepia tones. It suits the image. Plus, seeing anyone with a tophat, cane, and exoskeleton is always cool!

Anonymous said...

" is that an exoesqueleton below the Doc´s trousers, or is he really happy to see us?"

Can't it be both?


spazmo said...

Well, what decent exoskeleton harness would be complete without a steam-powered codpiece?

And like Bad-Apple Boy, the good Doctor T seems to be dressing to the right...

Nice work!

MaGnUs said...

Excellent! I love it, I love it!!! Doctor Tecnotnic, as your fellow steampunk mad scientist, I commend your looks.

I'm afraid of the results of saying this but... Blockade Boy: please do me... like you did Doc Tectonic!

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid that my ability to comment is limited, because the sheer concentration of liquid AWESOME flooding my Seekrit Underground Lair as a result of this image has caused most of my minions to collapse in unconsciousness and actually exploded a couple key pieces of equipment, so I've got my robotically-enhanced exoskeletal hands full at the moment cleaning up.

Nonetheless, I must say, BB: this is quite a fine design, sir, and I am sending it to my tailor post-haste. Simply brilliant! I thank you with the utmost sincerity and appreciation. Jolly good indeed!

(Magnus: thank you, comrade!

And Lurker: I do have a nemesis, actually, and he is maddeningly effective at the thwarting. But don't feel too jealous about not having an earthquake projector ray -- the blasted thing is ALWAYS in the shop. The next time I get it working, I do believe I'm going to hold the headquarters of Doomsday Devices Inc. hostage until they provide me with a partial refund and an upgraded service plan, at minimum.)

Jeremy Rizza said...

Comixbear: Or at least, "WD40!"

Gustavo: Let's just say I had a very helpful model. (Duplicate Boy, thank you again for a wonderful afternoon.)

Bill S.: Thanks! I'm trying to get back into an artistic groove.

Phil: Here, here! *slams beer glass enthusiastically on desk*

Spazmo: Thank you!

MaGnUs: Since you're happily married, I'm going to assume you meant that you'd like me to draw a portrait of you. The answer is YES! Just send your ideas and any photo reference you'd like me to incorporate (like your noggin) to me, via my old roommate, Jeremy Rizza. That'd be I'm looking forward to it!

Doctor: Oops. I don't know my own strength! (Also: "Seekrit"?! Oh, it's in Thailand. I've been to that town before. They have some nice restaurants there!)

MaGnUs said...

Doc: I know why your lair is flooded, because it "secretes" :P

BB: Oh, yes, precisely that... thanks... I'll send you some pics for you to work with. Besides being happily married, I happen to like girls, not guys (however gorgeous they might be).