Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Omega Knees


Ah, a typical New Yorker, dressed for the subway.

I have so many questions.

How did he get past the front desk, dressed like that? Does he have a key card? What is the guy watching the security monitors doing right now? Eating a hoagie? And masturbating to this very scene? Why couldn't "To Catch a Predator" be like this? Is that a gun, or a video camera from 1982? And was it really necessary to put his super-logo on his knees? Is that where he expects his clients and victims to focus their eyes? His knees? Does he have big knees, and is he kind of sensitive about it? Like in the middle of a conversation, he'll get all offended, and huff, "I'm up here"?


Comixbear said...

Right now the security guard is frisking someone with a large set of keys that showed up on the alarm system.

Yay, security.

Stephen R. said...

Bejeweled kneepads. Very BOYS IN THE BAND and a dead giveaway for any man walking into "the house" on TO CATCH A PREDATOR.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Who would win in a fight Omega Kneepads or Judith Light Shoulderpads?

Dave said...

So, how's anybody gonna hear what Cap'n Omega-4 has to say over the roar of his twin machine guns? It doesn't even look like he's shouting or even saying anything remotely interesting. What's his deal, anyway -- is the Senator off enjoying saturated fats?

Anonymous said...

What's funny is that the omega symbol seems to be on a plate attached by a hinge to the larger knee-plate. I have this image of the omega plate flipping open and mini-machine guns popping out of his knee-caps. That would totally rock 1990s-style!

Gus Casals said...

Ooh, I'm with Steven here...only one reason for urban kneepads, and it sure isn't religious genuflexion. Well, IT IS a religion for some....

Anonymous said...

It sure seems like he tried to stick it everywhere he could. He's probably got an omega in the sole of his shoes too.

re: Dave - maybe not machine guns, but *something else* Like his self-esteem.

Bill S. said...

His moobs -- are they still moobs if they are all muscle? -- distort the omega symbol so much that it actually looks like a muffin. Which would honestly be a lot more entertaining: "Do you know... THE MUFFIN MAN? If so, you're probably already dead!"

Maybe he has Kirby-knees.

Nepharia said...

Dude, who's looking at his knees? I can't get past his chest and arms myself...

captain koma said...

Ok I got past the knees and onto the shoes.

He's got a knife a grenade and what looks like maple syrup in his shoe.

Now I can understand the grenade and the knife, but does he really need the maple syrup. I guess he just likes pancakes. Reminds him of his Mum before he killed her.

Dave said...

captain koma --

That's not maple syrup.

Jeremy Rizza said...

HOLY CATS! So many kick-ass comments, and I forgot to respond! I'm a bad Blockade Boy. (Of course, that's how my dates like me.) LET'S GO!

Comixbear: I've been known to "moonlight" as a security guard from time-to-time. Or just dress up like one, anyway.

Stephen: Not to mention, when he reached for his gun, he had "jazz hands."

Jon: The answer, of course, is "The American Public."

Dave: I'm thinking the Senator was alone, just reading a book, sipping a fine scotch, and enjoying a peaceful evening away from Mrs. Senator's constant nagging. Well, she showed him...!

Justin: Ah, like a more chaste version of the guy in "From Dusk 'Til Dawn." He'd make a good "Bond" villain. Thunderknees!

Gustavo: What are you guys talking about? Rollerblading? *rubs beard in consternation, then winks, knowingly*

Silvercat: Well, y'know, you buy a package of those omega patches at Hobby Lobby, and you feel like you have to use them all!

Bill S.: Heh. I think you just created a Garth Ennis character!

Nepharia: Saucy wench! (Which is why I like you.)

Captain Koma: And her name was... Mrs. Butterworth.

Dave: True enough, but it does make for a great morning!

Skeleton Munroe said...

Kirby knees, heck!

He has Hembeck knees. @