Friday, May 30, 2008

You Are Feeling Very Creepy!


...The white-haired man cried out, his velvety baritone roughening into a hoarse bellow. At last, his tautly-muscled body fell forward onto a mound of pillows. He rolled over onto his back, and sighed. His pale eyes roamed hungrily over the lanky, hairy form of his lover. "Truly, you are magnificent," he purred. "It seems an epoch since last I was loved with such tenderness -- or such savagery!" He chuckled, softly.

The other man was quite tall, with unshorn hair that surrounded his head in a shaggy corona. He swept a few stray curls away from his eyes, and grinned. "Think nothing of it, my good fellow," he said, warmly. "Jellybaby?" He plucked a handful of the candies from a nearby dish.

The white-haired man's smile shrank a bit, became unsure. "Mightn't we--? That is, we
do have all the time in the world...!"

The tall man leaned over the white-haired man, and playfully rubbed his stomach. "I'm afraid it just can't be
done, old boy! Duty calls, and all that." He poked the white-haired man's chest. "Now, you must promise me to be a 'good lad' until we meet again!" Suddenly, he was on his feet, and donning his trousers. He tossed the white-haired man his clothes, without looking at him. "Ah! Don't fret, you silly sausage! I have a gift for you." He strolled over to where the white-haired man was glumly pulling up his socks.

The tall man took the golden medallion from around his neck, and slipped it onto the white-haired man's broad shoulders. "It's a family heirloom," said the tall man, solemnly. "It's special. Just like
you, my love. Swear to me -- you must swear it -- that whenever you look at it, you'll think of us."

The white-haired man's ashen face took on a soft pink glow. "Oh!
Always!" He pressed the medallion to his lips, and then -- impulsively -- leaned forward and kissed his curly-haired lover.

"Let me help you dress," said the tall man, with a hint of impatience in his voice.

A minute later, the white-haired man was fully-attired, save for his hat. "I shall never forget this night," he said, sadly. "Would that I could be your constant companion! But alas, the currents of Fate draw this traveler to another place, and another time. We shall meet again; of that I am sure. But until then, I must remain...
a stranger." He placed his fedora on his head, and vanished.

Wordlessly, the tall man sauntered over to the nearest wall, and removed a large panel. He retrieved another gold medallion from its storage place, and slipped it about his neck.


Gus Casals said...

Are you branching out into a slashfic blog and you didn't tell us?

BTW, the creepiest part is how these guys look: it's Gene Wilder trying to get into Man-Bat's trousers.

Bill S. said...

Dial "H" for Homo!

(Sorry, when I saw that medallion, it was the first thing I thought of...)

Comixbear said...

The funny part about this is that, when I was a young teen, my first guy and I would do things with each other by pretending to hypnotise each other. ;)

Sorry, too much information, I know, but it reminded me. He later stole things from my parent's house. Don't trust hypnotised closet cases.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

I was going to say that it does look like the Dial H medalian.

I'm starting to wonder though if the fourth Doctor seduced the Third, or possibly the first. That medallian is now one of those time enigma things, like fry being his own grandfather.

LurkerWithout said...


Did you just reveal Dr. Who/Phantom Stranger slashfic?

Jeremy Rizza said...

Gustavo: It's not the first time I've done slashfic here. I forgot to add the "Blockade Bard" tag before you read the post the first time. That's be rectified. Click on it for some more sexful reading!

Bill S.: BWAH! That'd make a good blog title. Hell, maybe it is one already!

Comixbear: Pretending to sleepwalk is also good. Be sure to mumble something about "snakes."

Jon: I tried pondering that, and it gave me a tummyache.

Lurker: No offense, and I love you like a brother, but my answer is going to have to be "Well, DUH."

Phillip said...

I'm not a fan of slashfic. This, however? I am a fan of this.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Heh heh, you said rectified.

MaGnUs said...

Doc Who has some serious bling.