Wednesday, June 04, 2008

What Goes "AWP"


"Unexpectedly" is right!

I know that Jerry Siegel gets a lot of guff for his writing (most of it from me) but now that I think about it? The typical Siegel story has jocular, exclamatory dialog; constant, nonsensical plot twists; and a general air of flat, self-consciously theatrical weirdness, like a bunch of second graders staging an Ionesco play. Well, I got news for ya, fanboys: you apparently adore this shit, and its called "Grant Morrison".

That's not the real Web up there, by the way; merely a criminal imitation. Or maybe I should say "delinquent" imitation, since he's supposed to be a teen. Oddly, he's drawn with a squat, wizened face, which means he's either lying about his age, or he's DJ Qualls.


Gus Casals said...

Tenn ager? Looks like he has grey temples to me.
Those are very attractive in mature bears like you and I, but not for any self respecting teen.

The magic rope looks like a cross between Wonder Woman's and Catwoman's weapons of choice. Ahhh, those Impact characters thrived in originality.

Comixbear said...

I'm just amazed that there wasn't a comment from you about the sound effect. SWISH? Are you feeling well, BB? That isn't like you! ;)

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Doesn't Lou Bega yell "awp" a couple times in Mambo Number 5? More people should yell awp, I think.

Bill S. said...

" a bunch of second graders staging an Ionesco play."

I'd really rather see the second grader perform Follies. *starts singing "Buddy's Blues"*

Dean said...

BB, I know that in the future, you can use a home cloning kit to create your own Bob Kanigher any time you want, but please don't bust on Grant Morrison. He's all we've got.

Anonymous said...

"Awp!" is a rather common exclamation in your century, isn't it?

Jeremy Rizza said...

Gustavo: Before there was lying about your age on MySpace, creepy older guys had to lie about their age to people's faces! It wasn't as successful.

Comixbear: I know, but I left that to the tags, and to the Flickr page.

Jon: Why do you think Bega's not around anymore? That "AWP!" was the noise he made as the Hangman's rope whisked him back into obscurity.

Bill S.: Hey, we don't want to wear the little tykes out, do we? Maybe we can save that for their Presidential fitness test.

Dean: You guys can do better. Trust me.

Chawunky: In my bedroom it is! ZING!