Thursday, July 03, 2008

Get Away With It (Part Four)

Only in the world of super-heroes can you...

4. Hide giant wings or a cape under your shirt without looking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame or -- gasp! -- a shoplifter. For some reason, this rule doesn't apply to super-villains.



Gus Casals said...

Wings are the extreme example, but armor and capes...all the time.
First date scenario: well, you sure look well built and tight... and then!
( I think that there was a Queer as Folk with someone wearing armor-like falsies instead of actual muscle ).

Siskoid said...

I'm loving this series, Unbeatable Blockade Boy.

Bill S. said...

That's one guy I wouldn't want to see without his shirt on.
And the little guy's pretty ugly, as well! *rimshot*

First time I saw the Igor, I thought he had a boot grafted to his back. Now it looks like a rocket.

I like that these are so tactile. Pencil marks and paper texture.

googum said...

These are great! What about trenchcoats? I'm a Marvel guy, but it probably applies for DC too: I don't think any superhero character has worn the same trenchcoat twice, since it has to either be thrown off the shoulders dramatically, or shredded in powering up. Dramatically. Even so, said trenchcoat disguises everything and renders the wearer completely unobtrusive, even if the hero is obviously wearing primary-colored boots.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Of course, only the sidekick would have moth wings. What kind of a hero would be caught sporting those?

Anonymous said...

It amuses me to imagine that when he's using that jetpack he just dangles from it in roughly the same posture.

Wonder Man said...

I guess a cloak could help

Jeremy Rizza said...

Gustavo: Armor? Oh, yeah! Like Iron Man's chest plate/pacemaker. I still can't figure out how he hid that thing. Maybe tuxedo shirts with all the ruffles in front. Or just a really big ascot.

Sensational Siskoid: Why, thank you!

Bill S.: Yeah, it's supposed to be a rocket. Although a giant boot could be intimidating as well.

Googum: Don't forget the broad-brimmed "Crazy mascot" hat to got with the trenchcoat. Seriously, the only time you see somebody wearing those things, it's because they're trying to disguise themselves. Which makes them kind of pointless, in my opinion.

Jon: Wha-?! I think a pretty damned cool hero could have moth wings. After all, I thought it up. That automatically makes it hella awesome.

Chawunky: HAW! Me too!

Wonder Man: That's pretty dramatic, but it could work. If your civilian identity is a magician, or an orchestra conductor, or a circus ringmaster, or a professional wrestler. Or a goth! Also handy: ponchos.