Monday, June 30, 2008

Get Away With It (Part One)

The 2008 Prism Comics reading guide has a two-page article by none other than the Unbeatable Blockade Boy! ...And yes, I've started not only adding the "Unbeatable" when I say my own name -- which is a lot -- but also requiring others to add it, as well. So of course, Storm Boy now wants to be called "the Unstoppable Storm Boy." Yeah, I'm not doing that. Although, I may have to start slapping him on the back of the head more often.

*takes hearty sip of space java*

AAANNNYYway, it turns out that the Unbeatable One's awesomeness was just too massive (and vein-y and throbbing) to fit into a mere two pages. So they had to leave out some of the illustrations I'd provided for them. It makes me wanna holler!

*unleashes mournful bellow, like a wounded earthquake beast)

...Okay, I feel better now. So as I was saying -- hang on, excuse me. WHAT. WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT?! ...NO, YOU GET BACK TO WORK!

*glares at Bad Apple Boy until he wets himself and rushes out of the office, all red-faced and crying*

Criminy. How is a guy supposed to get his blog posting done when all of his coworkers are bugging him? It's ridiculous!


So the deal is, my article was supposed to have an illustrated sidebar with four fashion "don'ts" that only the Super-Hero Set can ever get away with. But in the finished product, the sidebar was turned into a box, and there were no pictures at all. So this week, I'm going to post the pictures, in glorious Blockade Color! (Everyone, don your special glasses now.) Here's the first one!

Only in the world of super-heroes, can you...

1. Leave your house dressed only in lingerie, without being mistaken for a hussy.



Gus Casals said...

Oh, you Unbeatableness, this is indeed important news ( even if you were pared down ).

Loved the illustration of this day to day real life situation in our super hero universes, although the sitcheroo is an oftenstance too: the hussy detaining the buttoned up hag: because nothing says "truth justice and the intergallactic way" that wearing S&M fetishitic almost nothings.
Just ask Comixbear...

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Is it online on their site?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but when your clothes are made out of unstable molecules, it's all okay.

Congratulations, BB.

Nate said...

They left out the illustrations? For shame! Unbeatable-unless-it's-a-cat-o-nine-tails Blockade Boy illustrations are our very reasons for being.

I mean, written humor is cool and all, but the illustrations are what leave my co-workers wondering why diet coke is coming out my nose.

Bill S. said...

I always look forward to your illustrations, BB, especially the chibis.

Jeremy Rizza said...

Gustavo: Thanks, buddy!

Jon: I don't believe so.

Justin: Heh. Yup, unstable molecules cling to you in all the right places, while making sure your clothes never fall off (until you mentally command them to do so).

Gyuss: Oh, that's why Diet Coke is coming out of your nose. I had just assumed you'd been gorging on Pop Rocks.

Bill S.: Thanks, pal! There's plenty more chibi-tastic artwork on the way!

Scipio said...

Bitch! I am so jealous!

I want my piece in the Prism Guide....

LurkerWithout said...

Unbeatable? Really? Doesn't that put a crimp in your dating and smexing? And by crimp I mean my attempts at marketing holo-porn to the 22nd Century? Not that I do that. Because I don't. There are no Nano-Cams following you! NONE! Stop looking for them! And posing!

Not that I know about your constant posing. Because I don't. Because THERE ARE NO CAMERA'S. NONE! ACT NATURAL!

Jeremy Rizza said...

Scipio called me a bitch! I've "arrived"! (At what, I'm not sure.)

Lurker: *yawns, leans back in office chair, spreads legs wide apart, thrusts hand into tights and scratches balls for several minutes, "absently" plays with own nipple, grins impishly*

Wonder Man said...

I guess she's the pink queen, the forgotten Hellfire Club member