Friday, May 26, 2006

And Now Membros With An Urgent Announcment

Hello, all! Membros here, official spokesmonster for Blockade Boy. People say my brains are exposed, but what they're looking at is really my rockin' man-perm. I'm the Mike Brady of the Micronaut World! And now my announcment: the second part of Blockade Boy's discussion of the Zodiac Cartel has been unavoidably delayed because Safari crashed on Jeremy Rizza's ancient Mac (from 1998!) and destroyed the post which Blockade Boy was too lazy to have saved in draft form, and now it's 7:08 in the morning, Central Standard Time, and Jeremy Rizza is going to be late for work (again!) and for some weird reason he won't let Blockade Boy on the computer if he's not at home. Go figure. So Part Two will have to wait until either lunchtime or tonight. From everyone here at the Blockade Boy Organization, our sincerest apologies. In the meantime, enjoy my perm!


Scipio said...

Does Membros require C batteries?

Membros certainly LOOKS like he requires C batteries.

If he does, he's welcome at my next party!

Anonymous said...

I had Repto and Antros figures, but I never got a Membros to round out my collection. Sigh...

I mean, how many toys have glow-in-the-dark perms?

Jeremy Rizza said...

Scipio: Membros (that's me!) requires no batteries. Membros is the future. Membros is environmentally friendly. Membros runs on solar power and a hand-crank, like those radios that charities give to African herdsmen.

Chawunky: "How many toys have glow-in-the-dark perms?" Not nearly enough, my friend. Not nearly enough.