Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Daredevil: The Man Without A Decent Dry Cleaner

bbhead100906 In case anybody is wondering, Jeremy is still watching football games, but he won't be posting on them anymore because according to him, having to sit there with a pen and a piece of paper trying to catch every secret dick joke turned the experience into a massive chore, and also he got the feeling the football posts weren't that popular anyway. The next time he posts it'll probably be a movie review or sumpin'.

Okay! So in "Daredevil" #11 (December 1965) we discover that The Man Without Fear is heavily into role-playing.


Oh Lord, the cops think Daredevil's inviting them to some sort of secret, costume-themed sex party. "Quick! Get the Captain! And help me think up a new 'safe word!'"

Here we have a key difference between Daredevil and one of his closest classic DC analogues, Batman: sure, Batman would go undercover as a supervillain, but would he be so uptight about the condition of his bat-suit? Of course not; that's what willowy English manservants are for! I'm also guessing Batman doesn't spend any time wondering how his costume would look on other people. Unless you count slash fiction. ("A low, gutteral sigh escaped Batman's cupid-like lips. He imagined his fearsome costume stretched across Ra's Al Ghul's mighty frame, the cowl beautifully framing the madman's bristling fu-manchu. His gloved fingers tenderly stroked the unconscious Green Arrow's handlebar mustache as he contemplated the sight...")


Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Could the safe word be "Special Wavelength, or is that referring to something else?

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Goshdarnit, I forgot a "!

Interestingly enough, my Word Verification is Dorkgodo. Wasn't that Mortal Kombat's Gorro's goofy kid brother?

Unknown said...

Yeah, well, unlike Batman, Daredevil has to work for a living. Costumes don't grow on trees, you know! Unless you're Chlorophyll Kid.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I loved the football commentary, but perhaps I was the only one.

Anonymous said...

The Football Commentary was Gold, baby. But it's your party, you can dance if you want to.

Nepharia said...

Let's face it: no man is going to care the state of his costume if he's battling really bad guys -- he's more worried about getting his blood spilt on it.

Daredevil is gay.

Gloria said...

Darth Nepharia... do you mean that Matt and Foggy...huh, ahem, ahem.

If so, Matty's got good taste, Mr. Nelson is irressistibly winsome :p

Jedi Healer said...

A truely good safe word to use is something that doesn't go with what your doing.. Like when your friend and you get a leg cramp, if you were to say to your partnerr Chicago. (And not be in that town. Well it does have to be something you'd both have to agree on.) well then your friend should have enough smarts to know that something is wrong.

As for the switching of the suits well maybe if you were the one wearing the suit and you wanted a picture of you and the suit won't it make sense to allow (or make or better yet place the suit on) someone else to wear the suit. Even if they were knocked out.

Hey it's just a thought!

Bully said...

In Daredevil's defense, some spilled gravy really is something to be worried about. With his radioactive hypersensitive radar nose, a couple specks of chicken gravy on the ol' red spandex is probably equivalent to being locked up in a tin shack at high noon with Colonel Sanders.

Jeremy Rizza said...

Jon: You're absolutely right -- Dorkgodo was the Godzuki of the MK Universe.

Bittercupojoe: *rimshot*

Randy & Steve: I related your comments to Jeremy... he was surprised (pleasantly, natch) and said he'll make a point of posting any zingers that come to mind while he's watching a game. There just won't be full-fledged game-specific posts, is all.

Nepharia: Hmmm.

Gloria: Huh.

Offee: Yow.

Bully: HAW!

Phillip said...

What I can't figure out is why DD would dress Frog-Man in his costume in the first place?

Anonymous said...

The football posts were terrific... and I don't even watch or understand football. If it's a chore, don't do it, but I'm sure there were at least a score of readers like me out there chuckling at the football stuff.

Unknown said...

Good Lord... I just realized: Daredevil has two frog villains. He also sparred with Leap Frog back then...!