Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Legion Of Substitute Costumes: Color Kid

bbhead100906 As part of my ongoing effort to redesign the costumes of anyone who's ever been rejected by the Legion of Super Heroes, I now turn my attentions to Color Kid. A.K.A. Ulu Vakk (a special cleaning attachment designed for getting lint off of insulated boots) the Kid has the almost useless ability to change an object's color. Yes, I said "almost." Because he can alter certain minerals, such as... (wait for it)... Kryptonite. Yup, that can come in handy. Sadly, however, he looks like Wolverine's twink cousin.


And that's before he started smearing white greasepaint on his face! My challenge here was to design a costume for a color-themed hero and make it fresh. I liked that his costume was mostly black-and-white. I wanted to stick with that motif, especially because it's almost impossible to pull off rainbow colors in large amounts... unless you're my favorite Flash villain. And then I hit upon the idea of putting all the color in his hair. I knew I wanted the hair to be long, for maximum visual impact, and at first it was just going to be long and straight like Fabio's. But I figured that would be impractical in a combat situation (which for the Legion of Substitute Heroes would probably consist of a really vicious slap fight) so I pulled it back in a high ponytail... samurai style! Only now he kind of looks like Rainbow Brite. Shit.


Oh well. Anyway, as you can see, the costume is harlequin-themed, with a little domino mask as an accessory. He was hardly a bad-ass before and I didn't think his new look needed to be bad-ass either. I just didn't want him to look quite so much like a mousy secretary from the 1950's. And hey, now he'll get a lot of camera time when he's in the crowd at sporting events!

(Rainbow Brite... goddammit...)


Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Rainbow Brite!

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Oh BB, you slay me.

Anonymous said...

Rainbow Brite didn't wear no mask. Sister let it all be out there, yes sir, didn't have nuthin' to hide. If someone tried to call her on it, she'd have her Pegasus put the hoof-stomp on 'em. B to the R to the I-T-E, yo!

Gloria said...

The re-design looks swell, but it has a je-ne-se-quoi that makes one think that he is in some joint venture with the Joker.

As I said about Clorophile Boy... Who needs the Legion? with such powers he could work very sucessfully as a four color printing machine operator... Has he sent his Curriculum Vitae to Heildelberg Gmbh? I'm sure they would pay him handsomely to be part of their I+D department.

Anonymous said...

How about a rainbow afro? It might be a bit clownish, but it wouldn't get in his way!

Nepharia said...

I LIKE the hair -- kinda gives him an '80s punk look...makes him look more like a bad boy. The girls love that.

Anonymous said...

I'm just really liking how these LSubH costume revamps are turning out--they're distinctive!

Besides, is Rainbow Brite really that well-remembered in the 31st century? I mean, you know about her, but you're a bit of an ex-pat, right?

Anonymous said...

I'd say that original color kid panel is the running for the top ten gayest panels ever.

Anonymous said...

Color Kid may be the gayest of all the Legion. After all, his power is basically super-redecorating.