Monday, January 08, 2007

Die Wieblichen Nippel des Jager sind Kalt

bbwhitestachehead (Thank you, Babel Fish! Even with your dubious accuracy!) Dorian wrote a terrific post last week about the porn-star posing of the original Huntress. The poor lass just couldn't cinch up her robe! And then I remembered that Jeremy has a comic featuring that version of the Huntress. Only it's in German.

Let's all enjoy the thrills, mystery, and cleavage of the Huntress backup in "WunderGirl" Heft 6/1981, a reprint of "Wonder Woman" #277, May 1981.


On the splash page, the Huntress is under attack by Japanese throwing stars but she's too busy trying to decide what to order for lunch to really notice them. Okay, so it's really Joe Staton's idea of snowflakes. But they sure look like they'd do some damage. Imagine these babies in the Peanuts Christmas special. Especially when they land on some kid's tongue.


Looks like she's having a panic attack. "Trapped! Trapped! Must... remove... blouse!" What? Don't ladies always pull shirts taut against their bosoms just prior to removing them? Seriously, I have no idea. Help me out here.

Of course, it's never a Joe Staton Huntress story without some robe action! Perverts, you may want to close the curtains or blinds or at least make sure there's nobody in an adjacent cubicle. And don't forget to wash your hands afterwards.


Oh yeah, baby, work it like-- what th'? She's wearing a robe because she's actually cold?! Well, that's kind of a rip-off. There's not even any cleavage! Except... that center "crease" looks a little suspicious. Eureka! Oh, Coloring Error, you're the FCC of the comics world!

Still, the robe is covering more of her than it usually does. It must be awfully cold outside. (The ninjas refrigerated their thowing stars beforehand, I guess.) How cold is it, you ask?


It's so cold that her nipples are creating the "ears" on that Bat-shadow.

And that is freakin' cold, my friends.


Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Huntress is always changing between an open robe and her skin tight costume and DC got rid of Earth 2 why?

SallyP said...

Bhwahahaha! That is some enhanced shadow!

Axel M. Gruner said...

Never trust the Babel Fish. If you try to translate something like "Huntress' nipples are cold" into German, it would be: "Die Nippel der J├Ągerin sind kalt."