Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Medal Detector

bbwhitestachehead In "Doctor Strange" #46 (April 1981) even Doc's supreme sorcery can't get him through airport security without a hitch.


Where's your Hoggoth now?! Myah!

Quick, get the Department of Home Dimension Security on the line! And the Federal Levitation Administration!

And he didn't just teleport to his destination because...? It's implied in the story that this whole trip was Clea's idea, and she remarks that she finds the airport fascinating, but it's never made clear if Clea specifically wanted to travel on an airplane. And I know she's not from Strange's dimension so all sorts of mind-numbing, horrible activities would be new and exciting for her. But the airport--?! Hell, why not send her to renew a driver's license? Or to get a root canal? How about a romantic, intimate weekend on a garbage barge? Maybe Strange could transform her into a Demodex mite and make her live in J. Jonah Jameson's mustache for a week, where she'd suffocate in cigar smoke and occasionally be drenched in vermouth. That'd be more fun than the airport.

But I can see you're growing impatient. You want to know how Strange got himself out of this mess. Well, here ya go!


That's right. It's not a gaudy trinket supposedly invested with supernatural powers. It's a Saint Christopher medal.


Steven said...

It's not a gaudy trinket supposedly invested with supernatural powers. It's a Saint Christopher medal.

Oh behave!

And, again, I love your use of labels. I really want to see how many more post go under the heading "goofball plot complications" and "J. Jonah Jameson's mustache," and then how many overlap.

Maybe if you post about the time Jimmy Olsen became a Nazi War Hero.

Master Mahan said...

I see that even in civilian guise, Dr. Strange rocks the yellow-with-wavy-black-lines look for trim. I want that shirt.

Anonymous said...

St. Christoper looks suspiciously like John F. Kennedy in that picture.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

I can totally dig his problem. I don't go anywhere without my giant disco chain around my neck.

Michael said...

Clea wanted to join the Mile-High Club, obviously.

Bully said...

Why does Doc's fake medal say "Bent Christopher"?

Also, I'd love for that security guard to suddenly morph into Mordo, cackle gleefully and skill away with the Eye.

Jeremy Rizza said...

Steven: Oh, I'm so naughty! *puts finger in cheek and twists it, adorably* That little joke was for my sister, whom Jim Gaffigan would describe as a "Shiite Catholic." But it's all in good fun.

Seamus: I'm tellin' ya, the man can put together an outfit! I bet he could even teach Tony Stark a thing or two.

David Lawson: Good God, you're right! That nasty heathen Doctor Strange has probably never seen an actual Saint Christopher medal in his life. I guess we're just lucky it didn't look like a Wolverine pog.

Jon: You and the Phantom Stranger!

Michael: That explains it! Thank you.

Bully: "Bent Christopher" is the position Clea wants to try when they're doin' it in the airplane bathroom. And yeah, I'd love for Mordo to pull some kind of Trix Rabbit stunt like that!