Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Fluffy Bubbles of Pure Love


I would have broken this down into smaller panels but as you can see, the ConwaySpeak tends to overlap itself. Except for in that first panel, which must be feeling awfully lonely right now. C'mon, First Panel Demitrius! Come out from around that corner. You could be smothered in word balloons right now! (It's fun!)

I love how Slasher's blocking makes it look like he's standing up and playing an electric organ.

(And speaking of my robotic dingus, I'm reminded that it's about time for its next scheduled maintenance. Three months or three thousand bouts of torrid lovemaking with Weight Wizard, whichever comes first! Tusker, put the pita pocket down, grab a drain pan and a big can of oil, and slide yourself underneath me.)


Dave said...

"cacoon-coated"? (Panel 4, 3rd thought baloon)


Perhaps a "cacoon" is the magenta-furred animal Mighty Samson skinned for his cloak.

This story is from 1971? Hmm. That's just on the cusp of when benzadrine and other amphetamines were no longer available at the corner pharmacy, if I'm not mistaken...

Scipio said...

"Always he slashes at me with his words..."

Really. What language was this translated from? Thanagarian?

Chance said...

when will these two crazy kids quit their bickering and admit they're crazy for each other?

Blockade Boy said...

Dave: I understand Samson also had a cacoonskin cap.

Scipio: The dialog is less jarring if you imagine it's being dictated by Calculon from "Futurama."

Chance: Or maybe they used to be an item and had a really bad breakup. And now they're stuck working together. Yet another reason to avoid office romances!