Wednesday, July 25, 2007

So Do All the Hookers Have to Sleep in the Barn, or What?


Contrary to popular belief, Washington, D.C. actually consists of a handful of monuments scattered about a wheat field.


Nate said...

Tony Stark would never ride in a plane that veered like that. He'd spill his drink.

Bully said...

There's a Marvel cover I need to look up because I was going to do a post on it has much the same geography but isn't the one you're talking about this week. It basically has the Washington Monument and the Capitol (wrongly placed in comparison to each other) and nothin' else.

Scipio said...

DC is the secret breadbasket of the nation.

Kansas is merely the decoy.

Dave said...

It's the bennies, I tells ya.

The pencils had a few landmarks sketched in, with "draw city stuff here" on the area that looks like tilled earth. The inker took one look, popped another bennie, and proceeded to the next panel.

Jeremy Rizza said...

Guyuss Baaltar: That's why he invented the martini travel mug!

Bully: I guess Washington had the same city planner as Metropolis.

Scipio: So the Washington Monument is just a really pointy grain silo?

Dave: That probably explains Vince Colletta, too! He didn't retire... he went to rehab!

MaGnUs said...

This is DC after Amazons Attack.