Tuesday, November 20, 2007

So THAT'S How Deathstroke Lost His Eye!


Today in science:
1977: Baskin-Robbins announces that it has partnered with Lockheed Martin to produce a "frictionless" ice cream cone, capable of breaking the sound barrier. ("WOOOSH!")


Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Now that Iggy shoved that ice cream into Tubby's eye, is he going to have to wear Shades? I hope this doesn't cause the guy to lose his Lust for Life, but you know in life we're all just a Passenger. You see first hand how getting picked on is No Fun, but I bet Tubby is going turn into a Real Wild Child, get back at Iggy and make the skinny guy cry I Wanna Be Your Dog. Then maybe they'll all go out Nightclubbing.

Chance said...

Should have stopped at Real Wild Child.

Dave said...

bad joke about salacious interpretations of "pounding the sack" redacted

um... Well, I wonder why he didn't say "hitting the sack", he looks so middle-aged and weary.


When's that goddamned Batman showing up?

And who gives our lovely loser here his Science Juice?

Jeremy Rizza said...

Jon: This is payback for my Iron Fist/BeeGees post, isn't it?

Chance: Play nice.

Dave: First off, thanks for the Science Juice link; that was awesome! And you're right: all the "teenagers" here look as old as the ones on TV shows and in the movies. It's effed-up.

Scipio said...

Mmmm.... stealthcones!

Anonymous said...

You know, in our time, the FDA actually classifies teflon as a food additive, because it often flakes off of nonstick pans. They've concluded it's healthy because its low-friction nature allows it to, well, slip through undigested.

So it's really only a matter of time before someone starts selling frictionless ice cream. I doubt it'll make a cool sound when you ram it into your eyesocket, though.

Aside: Without that comma and out of context, poser-guy sounds like a three-year-old confronted with an abstract punishment. Or confusing football instructions.

Jeremy Rizza said...

Scipio: Hey, why do you think they called it the Cold War?

Anonymous: Or he's bristling at his latest assignment at the grocery store.