Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Many Loves of Jim Shooter

(My "Rescue Me" for the Blue Streak is humming along, albeit slowly, and it's all drawn up and I think my take on him is NEW and SHOCKING and UNLIKE ANYTHING THAT'S EVER BEEN DONE BEFORE... with Blue Streak anyhow, but I won't be able to get around to the watercolor-and-ink stage until tonight. Dagnabbit. No, wait, this latest outrage really requires my cyber-throat to be in pirate mode. *click* ACCURSED BE THE LIFE O' A SPACE PIRATE CAPTAIN!!! BY THE GASEOUS SEAS OF NEPTUNE ITSELF DO I MAKE THIS VOW... ONE DARK DAY THE MOTLEY ROGUES WHO PLAGUE THIS DEMON SHIP'LL DRIVE OL' BRIGADIER BLOCKADE TO THE DEPTHS O' MADNESS, AND THERE'LL COME SUCH A ROUND O' FIRINGS AND LAYOFFS THE H.M.S. EXQUISITE WILL MAKE THE MARIE CELESTE LOOK LIKE A BLOODY CARNIVAL CRUISE VACATION!!! *click* Well, I'd better hurry this along, huh? I've got another human resources meeting in five minutes.)


In this panel from the all-Jim Shooter romance comic, "Downsize My Heart," the gruff yet noble Jim (he's a modern-day Jane Austin hero!) consoles his sensitive X-Men editor, Louise Jones. Oh, why did she have to marry the flashy Walt Simonson instead? Why?! Is it Jim's shiny, immobile motorcycle helmet of hair? Probably.

Now let's see an excerpt from another story in which Jim speaks with his sultry assistant about setting up a lunch meeting with all-star Brit penciler, Alan Davis...


Not unluckily, she thinks Jim wants her to arrange a three-way.

In the background, Al Milgrom seethes with jealousy.


The Fortress Keeper said...

So, is every Marvel employee required to wear green clothing?

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Jim Shooter rules. He even had a guest spot as a member of the Joe team on G.I.Joe #1.

Blockade Boy said...

Fortress Keeper: Naw, that policy was reversed by Tom DeFalco.

Jon: Jim Shooter... with a gun? I think I just peed myself a little.

MaGnUs said...

I just love the blonde's green stockings.

Hale of Angelthorne said...

"In the background, Al Milgrom seethes with jealousy."

A more concise history of Marvel in the early 80's has never been, and will never be written.

Blockade Boy said...

MaGnUs: Big pea soup fan, huh? And add a shapely gam to the equation and VA-VOOM! (It takes all kinds, I guess...)

Hale: *robo-legs produce creaking sound as I bow deeper than a lackey in a Nikolai Gogol novel*

MaGnUs said...

Hehe... no, not pea soup, I just like women wearing colored (or better yet, striped) stockings.