Thursday, June 28, 2007

Some Scars Don't Heal


You know your comic book empire is in disarray when the letterer is micro-managing the colorist. ("Blue-skinned beauty"... FEH!)

Blockade Boy here, with the start of a brief (yet all-too-necessary) break from the Gravity Girl saga! I'll finally get around to the "Legion of Substitute Costumes" post for Rainbow Girl on Monday and I assume Storm Boy's post will be soon... the obsessive li'l bugger has been spending every waking hour (which for him is about six per day) writing it and when I try to ask him about his progress he mainly grunts or waves a broken bottle of space rum at me without even looking up, like I'm nothing, and then of course I have to slap the bottle out of his hand and belabor him about the head and shoulders with my cane or magnetic codpiece and then he just sinks to the floor in a heap and sobs for a little while. So I guess it'll be ready when it's ready. Whatever. And tomorrow I'll have the first of my "accessories for super-villains" (suggested by brilliant blogger Steven)!

Anyway! Behold the majesty of two Storm Boy original costume designs! Yes, both Storm Boy and myself finally hit the "big time" and sold some costumes to the Legion! I was responsible for Cosmic Boy's kick-ass black outfit as well as Element Lad's tasteful "green arrow" number, while Storm Boy can be held responsible for these things. The above panel depicts the ladies' initial reactions to seeing themselves in Storm Boy's garments. They're holding up better than I would under the circumstances. It always looks better in the store, doesn't it, gals? (You'll note that Shadow Lass already has located a gas can so she can burn her orange bra.)


Steven said...


I'm the guy who didn't realize he had comment moderation on for four months and wondered why no one was posting.

I think you might have me confused with some other guy.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Yeah, I can see your handprints all over Cosmic Boy's costume. Handiwork, I meant handiwork.

Blockade Boy said...

Steven: Hey, I'm just flattered you're still visiting my blog considering you made the suggestion over a year ago and I'm just now getting off my ass and doing something about it.

Jon: Heh. I just wish he hadn't made me extend the fabric over his nipples. That damn Braalian modesty!

MaGnUs said...

Oh, God, you are responsible for Cosmic Boy's Lil' Kimesque costume?!?!?!! DAMN YOU!!!! That costume has haunted me for years....

And to think I have credited you as one of my inspirations in my upcoming essay for the Legion book, and I quote: "And the other one is a certain legionnaire called Blockade Boy, who has the greatest costume redesign blog in the whole internet. Go ahead, google him, you'll see what I mean."

I still admire you, BB, like I still admire George Lucas after midiclorians.

Michael said...

You'd think that someone, somewhere would have realized that an orange costume over light blue skin is not a good combination. You can't really do much with that skin tone besides your basic black.

Blockade Boy said...

MaGnUs: George Lucas = ME? Huh. If I ever turn into a snippy, portly, (purple-) bearded recluse, you have my permission to kill me. (Admittedly I'm about 80% there right now.)

Michael: Sadly, it was the (29)70's so most folks were all hopped up on Pop Rocks and Tab to really think straight.

MaGnUs said...

I'm not comapring you to George, I'm just saying you two are guys who I look up to.