Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Let's Koo-Koo-operate!


The tensions that led to the epic Slasher/Demitrius battle have been brewing since page one, and yet the fight itself lasted a mere four panels. Suddenly, I long for decompressed storytelling! No, for realsies, 'cause I think these two ladies had it in them to go for at least a couple of issues, with maybe a Giant-Sized Special to wrap things up. And then there'd be nothing left of them but a smoldering crabclaw and a busted goggle lens.

But no. Young Gerry Conway had to get all Sesame Street on us and interrupt the titillating (and no, that's not a reference to Demitrius' forehead) carnage for a lesson in "cooperation." And so Slasher (the vivacious, orange-headed Ernie of the duo) and Demitrius (the morose, pigeon-dancing Burt) inexplicably set aside their animosity so they can finish beating on Iron Man.

But Iron Man is doing a dandy job of self-destructing, a-thank you very much, with the aid of an armor suit that's powered by a watch battery, apparently, and -- of course -- his inexplicably Peter Parker-like self-pity. (It's kinda hard to move that big chunk of machinery off your back when you're wearing it, huh, Iron Man?)


Phillip said...

His mask really must be melting, or else he left the house wearing his "cry later" face.

Anonymous said...

Hm. See, I would've pegged Demetrius as the Ernie of the pair. He's the free spirit who only seems to peripherally care about the mission, and then pulls out some weirded-out special ability to finish things off.

Slasher, meanwhile USES HIS EYES, which is about as exciting as collecting bottlecaps.

Either way. Sixes.

And...Is Tony actually sweating through the mask, there? Or is that just another thought balloon about to meet its day of borning?

Demetrius, by the way, also has a peculiar definition of "free," I think.

Nate said...

I think I've got that Iron Man action figure: now with crying face action

Dave said...

In lieu of extra power storage capacity, the Mark V Iron Man armor includes extra face-plates pre-configured for common emotions like "happy", "sad", and "angry".

Tony swapped it out while Slasher was blasting Demitrius a couple of panels ago, which is why the panels aren't crowded with extra piteous thought baloons from ol' Shellheart.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Isn't that nice? They're going to hug it out.

Anonymous said...

I defy anybody to recall the last time they heard somebody use the word "'Twas".

My rancor for Young Conway's dialoguing grows!

Jeremy Rizza said...

Phillip, Gyuss, and Dave: Maybe the Psycho-Pirate was having a sale.

Anonymous: I suppose Demitrius is something of a "free spirit" but I'll be danged if he isn't the mopiest free spirit I've ever seen.

Jon: Entourage reference! Which I only know because of "The Office."

Justin: Maybe Conway was channeling the ghost of Clement Moore.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Blockade Boy said...
Jon: Entourage reference! Which I only know because of "The Office."

Hah, same here.

Scipio said...

You managed to find a single panel that encapsulates everything I can't stand about Marvel Comics.

All it lacks, really, is a big fluffy cloud in the shape of Joe Quesada's face.

Jeremy Rizza said...

Jon: Shh! Shh! Let's just keep this between us.

Scipio: Sorry, the cloud formation (Cumulo Quesadus) is obsucred by one of Conway's many, many unnecessary word balloons. (He was the Bendis of his day, y'know.)