Friday, January 18, 2008

Naughty Butler Seeks Same


This was in the good old days, when the Wayne Foundation building had a promotional tie-in with the National Broccoli Council.

And yes, "the summer days drag by"...

...Along with this storyline, which somehow requires Batman to be sidelined for as long as it takes Tub to get in shape to fight him. And what does everyone's favorite tight-lipped workaholic do with all this free time? You're probably thinking, "He'd continue his investigation of General Angst from the confines of the Batcave, using Robin and Batgirl as his field operatives."

But that would make sense, and this is a Denny O'Neil story. So you're wrong.

Dead wrong.


"Your back-issues of 'Honcho' have arrived, sir..."

Poor Bruce. He still doesn't have any strength in his wrists.

Also, it looks like Tub ain't the only one who's getting hormone therapy! 'Cause Brucie-boy is looking less like a brawny adventurer and more like Janice Dickinson.


Yes, thanks to this extended rest period, Batman is now the world's foremost authority on mink farming, humidifier repair, and Ricardo Montalban. And Alfred? Alfred is reduced to trolling the personal ads. So we can add "hernia" to the list of Batman's ailments!


Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Bruce appears to be smiling there as well. What's up with that?

Anonymous said...

It would seem that Bizarro Batman got diction lessons and a good plastic surgeon. He's assimilating into Earth culture quite well, it would seem.

But seriously, didn't Bruce get extensive training in the East throughout his entire formative years? Why does he need to read "Buddhism for Dummies" and the like?

Also, I've heard of the tree-in-building thing before. Do you know what the explanation for that is?


Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Is the tree for the Gargoyles to roost during the day? 'Cuz if it was, that would be pretty cool.

Jeremy Rizza said...

Jon: 'Cause it's 1978, and he's not a hardcore douche yet.

Anonymous: I totally agree that the whole "Eastern philosophy is new to me" stuff reads really awkwardly nowadays. Maybe that part hadn't been retconned into his origin yet. The tree is artificial, hollow, and contains an elevator to Bruce's penthouse (from what I understand). As for the reasoning behind all that... I have no idea.

Jon: As long as they didn't teeter off and crush any tourists, sure.

Anonymous said...

Who thought it would be a good idea to design a building that straddled a tall phallic object?

Having worked in an architecture firm, I've seen designers do weird things. But that's the Wayne Foundation, a charitable organization. The design of that building says one of two things.

1. I started this foundation to get laid.


2. Donate to this charity and you're screwed.

Jeremy Rizza said...

I believe the official name of the Wayne Foundation Building is "Dick in a Box."