Monday, January 21, 2008

Dial Angst for Anxious


What is he doing with his hand?! 'Cause I'm pretty sure only Doctor Strange and Spider-Man can hold their fingers like that. Is Steve Ditko pitching in on the art chores, all of a sudden?

Or maybe this is the first symptom of "bone-itis."


And here we see the luxurious headquarters of "Mercenaries, Incorporated," located in an abandoned "Curves" health club. I can't help but notice that "Mercenaries, Incorporated" now seems to consist entirely of General Angst, Doctor Moon, and Tub. But that's okay. Because they only have the one barbell to go around.


Er, alrighty. So... no barbells. Well, maybe Tub can get his exercise by carrying General Angst around on his back.

Which may have been Angst's plan all along.


Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Who run Bartertown?

Angst Tub.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but what of the origin of Tub's pink parachute pants? The public demands to know.

For the record, I can hold my hand like that quite easily. Could I be Earth Prime's version of Batman? I can't think of any other reasonable explanation.


Anonymous said...

It looks like the artist that drew Bruce's hand intended it to be drawn palm upwards. But then went out for lunch, came back and forgot which direction the hand was facing.

That or Bruce had his fingertips encased in hard plastic shells.

Scipio said...

"What is he doing with his hand?!"

Relax, Master Bruce; it's Palmolive.

Jeremy Rizza said...

Jon: It took me a second to get that, but now I think it's 100% pure genius.

Phil: I'm guessing the parachute pants were lovingly hand-sewn by General Angst, using his favorite silk sheets as the raw materials. And sure, you could be Batman-Prime. Why not? Just don't go carving the Bat-symbol on your chest. That'd be creepy.

David: I like that last explanation. Maybe they're guitar picks! After all, Bruce does have a lot of time on his hands. He's working up an act for the Branson theater he just bought!

Scipio: Bwah! (Alternately: My apologies, Master Bruce. I thought you were Dale.)

Chance said...

"Which may have been Angst's plan all along."

Well, of course. The schematics are given in your 1/11 post.

Jeremy Rizza said...

Sure, but since Doctor Moon nixed the whole "steering wheel on head" idea, Angst has had to manipulate Tub into his plan by sabotaging all the exercise equipment. For instance, he replaced the original barbell rod with one made of wafer-thin aluminum. Similarly, he's trying to get Tub to go around naked by tossing red socks and t-shirts into the loads with all of Tub's whites.

MaGnUs said...

"I was throwing one of his henchmen out of a window... but for the life of me, I can't imagine why he's coming after me now!"

Some detective you are, Brucie...