Sunday, March 02, 2008

Art Transplant


Guess who got his computer illustration program back up and running again?

(Hint: it's me!)

That means more slick-looking computer illustrations, and less -- if any -- watercolor-and-ink jobs. My first order of business was to draw myself, natch. I'm working on something for Dr. Tectonic, next, as well as that picture of Storm Boy in his twink-tastic new costume that I designed for him. My scanning software is still jacked-up for the time being: I can still crop to any shape I desire, but it will only let me scale to pre-set photo sizes. That's because it's a pared-down version of my original software, which is not available for the latest version of my computer's operating system ("Omnicom Vidi", as opposed to the older model, "Omnicom Expo"). WHAT'S THE POINT OF UPGRADING MY O.S. IF IT FORCES ME TO USE CRAPPIER SOFTWARE?! GAH!

*sexfully broods for about ten minutes, while occasionally emitting bestial grunts and growls*

...Where was I? Oh yeah. So my point is, I'm not sure how that's going to affect my coverage of that Batman vs. Tub story, but maybe I'll figure out something. Or not. To be honest, I was kind of getting sick of it. Maybe you guys were too. I dunno. I'll probably finish it later. But don't hold your breath. Fair enough? Sweet.


Nate said...

That's why I only run OS Chowned 1.0

Johnathan said...

I fully understand. Trust me.

Gus Casals said...

The only important thing is WELCOME BACK YOU SEXY STUD! Loving the white streak in your goatee....I myself, decided to go blond for my vacations, I'm a polar bear now. Or a blod bear. Or something...

Hope that now you can treat us to all those redesigns you had pending.

I see that you also updated Rizza's picture. Goofy. I like that.

Jeremy Rizza said...

Gyuss: Yeah, but I can never find any software for that.

Jonathan: Thanks, man. *fumbles with crappy scanner software for a minute, then punches a hole in the monitor*

Gustavo: Blondie Bear! (to quote Harmony's nickname for Spike) And yeah, there should be a lot more original art on this blog, now.

Phillip said...

Woohoo! Slick and sexful, just like old times!

Jeremy Rizza said...

True story: I tried to get a vanity license plate for my hover-car that read, "SLICK N SEXFUL" but they told me there wasn't enough room. So I bought two of the damn things, and put them side-by-side. Amadan ingenuity, brother!