Monday, March 03, 2008

Wheatcake Headache


Hurts like a punch in the nads, don't it? Next time, go easy on the syrup.

I'm thinking of a number... one box-office hit that got ripped off by some jerkwad in the Phillipines, in 2004. And that rip-off was called "Gagamboy", which translates into "Spider-Boy." You connect the dots. According to my sources, Gagamboy "can exude an orange goo which he can transform into any form he chooses." Just like a spider can! If I were him, I'd mainly create Cheetos. But not circus peanuts. Because that would be evil.

He's kind of a dink, isn't he? Still, I have to admit that the costume doesn't look half-bad! In fact, I like Gagamboy's cowl a lot better than Spider-Man's. It has a nice Flash Gordon/Prince of Space feel to it. And the overall color scheme is nice. Check out that detail on the spandex! I wonder if they screen-printed it, like with the Spider-Man movie costume? Hmm. Let's get a better look at it!


BWAH! Fishnet? What's his mission? Going undercover on the set of the Duran Duran "Wild Boys" video? Feh. I take it all back. Screw you, "Gagamboy"! You're dead to me now.

Y'know, I think Storm Boy had a shirt like that. I say "had" because I made him throw it out.

...Okay, so I was the one who threw it out. And I would have gotten away with it, too, if he hadn't returned home earlier than I'd expected. I don't know what he was so angry about. After all, his new outfit* is quite the hit at the office and at a certain gay moopsball league he joined, and now he's getting dates out the ass! Er, so to speak. And that outfit was all me, baby! I even changed up his hairstyle! Why can't he see that it's just best if I design all his clothes for him...? If I design everybody's clothes for everybody? WHY IS THAT SO HARD FOR PEOPLE TO UNDERSTAND? *rubs beard in consternation*

*Which I swear you'll get to see very soon. Also, his date with Darzil Hek is this next weekend. So let's all wish him luck! I'm also working on a costume redesign for Zagor, and I promise to show you that "Tom of Finland"-type picture of me(only it'll be "safe for work") that Gustavo suggested, sometime this month.


Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Best part of the costume? Even with the mask on, the hair remains perfect.

Bill S. said...

You didn't even mention Ipisman, his nemesis who controls cockroaches. Or that he got his powers from "accidentally" eating a spider. Or that his secret identity is as a ice cream vendor.

Siskoid said...

I can't even tell if Bill S. is kidding. This is HIGH-larious!

Jeremy Rizza said...

Jon: And he's keeping that complicated coif in place with orange goo.

Bill S.: What, you mean it's not obvious?

Siskoid: Oh, it's true, my friend. Just follow the link!

LurkerWithout said...

You think you're SOOOOOO talented Mr. Boy. But I bet you couldn't revamp that Fillipino kid's costume to make it cool AND keep the fishnet/web theme. A TRUE design master could. Not like you! You, you Beardo!

Ugh. I need a nap...

Jeremy Rizza said...

Well, now I guess I have to, before you double-dog dare me. Criminy. Throw it on the pile! I ain't makin' any promises as to when, though.

Scipio said...

"What's his mission? Going undercover on the set of the Duran Duran "Wild Boys" video?"


Particularly if Cucurllo is there...

Jeremy Rizza said...

I'll be sure to give Gagamboy your number!

MaGnUs said...

Gaygayboy? Heh, my word verification: "hqunkk"... is that Lallorian for "hunk"?