Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Crimson Fist

So, it turns out that your boring dimension has its own super-hero after all...! And unlike that "Superboy-Prime" goober? He's cool.

His codename is "The Crimson Fist" and here's how balls-punchingly cool he is: he contacted yours truly about designing a costume for him! (For money!) It doesn't get much cooler than that, people.

Designing a costume for your dimension presented some unique challenges. For instance, I had to go easy on any parts that could be grabbed onto during a scrap (like capes and hoods and such). Why? Because you fuckers fight dirty! It sure ain't that way where I live! In my dimension, if I'm wrestling with some (other) burly dude, and he touches grabs my glorious beard? I know exactly what he's asking for, and it ain't a sock to the jaw. Er, but I digress.


This design features body armor, based on the kind used by dirtbike enthusiasts and, I dunno, cops or sumpin'. Note the protective collar, which comes in handy when some jerk tries to stab you in the back of the neck. Which, I guess, happens where you shmoes live. The cowl has integrated lenses. The buckled boots are combined with kneepads. As a design element, I left the forearms bare. So I guess it's not 100% practical, but hey! I'm an artist.


This next one would be suitable for riding a motorcycle. Just add helmet! I surrounded the fist logo with stylized wings for additional bad-assery. I mirrored the wing pattern on the boots. I went a little Anime in the hair, for fun.

I actually doodled around with a full-on Japanese hero look for the Crimson Fist: armored pants, metal girdle, bare nipples, fun little vest. It made him look like he was one of those twee Final Fantasy characters (not that there's anything wrong with that), and it didn't exactly scream "tough". But I guess I had to go that far, in order to dial it back down to this design. It's my personal favorite!

But the Crimson Fist prefers this third one, and I can't say as I blame him:


This design is clean and classic, with a good balance of color and silhouette. It looks the most like a 21st century super-hero from my own dimension, but it was still designed with practicality in mind. For instance, there is a definite top layer and bottom layer. The tunic is bordered with red at the hem, and it's pulled over the leggings. The boots and the gloves are both pull-ons; you'll note that they are drawn as fitting more loosely than the buckled versions in the other two designs. I'll be producing an illustration -- using this design -- for the Crimson Fist!



spazmo said...

Crimson Fist is quite possibly a tripartite hero hailing from the Cargg system, as he looks awesome in all three of your costume designs.

Gus Casals said...

I believe I like #1 the better. It has an "archie Legion" vibe to it, and as you mention, it's a sensible design for our time and place.
#2 is too much of a rock star/cool guy look and doesn't really cut it, unless it's like military and policement attire, which was an actual "work" look and a "ceremonial" one. In this case, it would apply if the ceremony was a rock concert.
#3 as you mention is classic, in a Daredevil/Blockbuster kind of way. I guess it's protective and more steath-ty than the red and blue combo of #1.
Still, I go for number one.

Gus Casals said...

Meant "Gangbuster" not "Blockbuster". I'm already in denial about "Trinity"...

Sea-of-Green said...

Yeah, I kinda like the first one better, too, but that may have more to do with the color palette than the actual design.

Anonymous said...

I dunno, there's something about the second design I like--it's rather forward-pointing; something about the palette and the logo strike me. That said, they're all nice.

Scipio said...

"Crimson Fist", BB?

I think I rented that movie.

I think you might have been in it, in fact... .

MaGnUs said...

I like the second one, the biker one. Specially the wings thing. And BB, don't forget about my portrait :P

SHI said...

shame I dont have money
I need a nurse outfit so I can go undercover

Jeremy Rizza said...

Thanks, guys! Very trenchant comments.

Scipio: *shakes (crimson) fist at Lurkerwithout's omni-present porn-cams (wherever the hell they are)*

MaGnUs: Like I said the last time, Jeremy (that bumbling doofus) lost the first set of photos you sent him. Send 'em again, and I'm sure he'll forward them to me.

Shi: Yikes! (In a good way.)

The Crimson Fist said...

Thanks again for the uniform designs, Blockade Boy! It seems to be the general consensus of everyone I've shown them to that #1 is their favorite. But, I've always been a sucker for the classics!

Scipio: As you might imagine, not the first time I've heard that joke before. And yet, it still remains funny every time I hear it!

Remember guys, Justice Never Sleeps!


MaGnUs said...

Oh, I missed that, sorry. Resending ASAP!