Thursday, August 16, 2007

One Panel Makes You Larger, and One Panel Makes You Small


"...So you're saying I shouldn't have made the whole thing out of popsicle sticks, then?"

*stoner voice* WHOA. I like, totally get it now, maaannn...! The whole plot, like it's gonna turn out to be out of the Three Little Pigs, maaannn, like Slasher is the Big Bad Wolf, and Demitrius is... like, the Big Bad Wolf's friend, or maybe his hat or his suspenders, and Stark is like, the little pig... the little Capitalist Pig, dig it? And his armor is like, the house, the last house, the one, the one with the bricks, understaaaannnd, maaannn...? 'Cause nobody's gonna blow Iron Man dowwwnnn, mmmaaaannnn!!!"

*regular voice* Yup, that's about the only way I could imagine enjoying a Young Gerry Conway script.


Dave said...

Ooh! A slide show! The action never lets up in the Invincible Iron Man!

Anonymous said...

Except...didn't Iron Man's armor get blown down because Tony forgot to plug it in?

Other questions to ponder while we're waiting for Demetrius to grow clawed tentacles and steal his buddy's nickname (Slasher, not Fool):

Is Crandal denying substandard construction methods or involvement in the building? His response to Senator Madden sounds more like the latter ("It can't be mine because I've never met her in my life," being the speech he adapted from Tony's repertoire).

Was Mar(r)ianne arrested by airport security? I know it's called a "runway," but I'm pretty sure that's not what they're for.

Is it still slightly moist outside? I need to know how to dress for the day.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

I love the sound of a projector in a darkened room. Smells like... an endless board meeting.

Anonymous said...

By removing the description of the projector and more irrelevant parts of the dialogue, the artist would have had enough room to actually draw the projector.

What ever happened to "show, don't tell"?

Anonymous said...

Conway thought it was a Yodaism. "Show don't. Tell."

Bill S. said...

The panel is awfully talky for showing us "the resultant silence".

Jeremy Rizza said...

Dave: And we haven't even gotten to Tony's rebuttal speech yet! (Oh, it's comin'.)

Anonymous: My forecast: continued dullness with a 90% chance of repetitious dialog.

Jon: And that's Lee Iacocca huddled in the corner, trembling.

Anonymous 2: But that's not writing in the Mighty Marvel Manner! Remember how cluttered even the covers were back then? There was a mandatory minimum of eight word balloons and ten thought balloons, and the caption boxes had to measure at least three by four inches.

Anonymous 3: Haw! Not that Conway could ever dream of being as succinct as Yoda.

Bill S.: I agree! Tell us more about the silence, Young Gerry Conway!

The Mutt said...

That's a mighty fine looking "mass of ruins" he's got there.

Jeremy Rizza said...

Also, it looks like somebody shaved the Baxter Building in half. Curse you, Doctor Doom!!!