Monday, August 13, 2007



Man, the balcony collapsed like two seconds ago, and already Iron Man is surrounded by trial lawyers! And of course Marianne has to skitter over there like a cracked-out sandpiper and hang her own drama queen bullshit on him. Sure, Marianne, you need to find Tony right away! The pair of you have much more not talking to do!

And Iron Man, I wouldn't grant an "exclusive interview" to the guy in the foreground if I were you. He's only pretending to hold a microphone. (No, thank me when you're sober.)


Anonymous said...

What has Iron Man done with Tony Stark? Armorall just flew in and saved (giving him the benefit of the doubt, here) lives, not being anywhere where Tony might have been standing, so therefore he must have done something to him?

Go back to thinking hard, dear. You should be seen, and mistaken for other characters, not heard.

Blockade Boy said...

The entire situation is screwy, and it's emblematic of the whole problem with relying on the secret identity trope as a dramatic plot thread. Tony and Marianne were about to leave the plane by its one exit, Tony ran back to a secret "room", and Iron Man exited the room a few minutes later (while the balcony s-l-o-w-l-y collapsed). Marianne probably tried to talk to Tony through the secret room's door and then freaked out when he wouldn't answer her, and -- here's the big, incredibly stupid part -- never even considered that Iron Man and Tony Stark might be the same person. No, she's just going to assume, based on some "bad vibrations" that Tony was whacked by his own freakin' bodyguard. Jeebus. I know a lot of folks love the whole secret identity thing but it seems like it only works when nobody makes a big deal out of it. To use it as a source of conflict requires the main character's loved ones, friends, and coworkers to be total morons.