Friday, January 25, 2008

The Ancient and Deadly Art of Shaking What Your Mama Gave You


In "The Mighty Crusaders" #10 (Archie Comics, December 1984), Darkling explains how it took years of practicing in a remote dojo before she could "work it" without inadvertently killing somebody. It's like kung fu!

Hey, Star Boy! You're into curvy dames. How do ya like them tomatoes?



Anonymous said...

The Green Gal standing in front of Fly Guy makes them look like they've merged into an unholy beast too horrifying for mere words to describe. Methinks a little colour differentiation would have made a world of difference.


Anonymous said...

She's awesome, yo.

Bill S. said...

You couldn't have at least shown us a reaction shot from Starboy the bear? He looks so naked without his beard!

Anonymous said...

Don't mock the deadly art of working it! There's a reason that the lambada is called "The Forbidden Dance". The government is still trying to cover up the Sao Paulo Discotheque Massacre of 1989.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Way deadlier than Charro and she totally sprained Skip Stevenson's pelvis on the Love Boat once.

True story.

Skeleton Munroe said...

That would have been a good catch phrase for Star Boy.

Gus Casals said...

Mmmmm, Star Boy the bear... forget curvilisceous nobody, THERE is a visual for you!

Btw, is that Sekowsky art?

Jeremy Rizza said...

Anonymous: It's David Cronenberg's Fly Man!

Qxbear: If you're into that sort of thing, hell yeah.

Bill S.: You're absolutely right, of course. I just couldn't resist the pseudo-Claremont ridiculousness of the shrunken "ohmigod" in that panel.

David Lawson: Hey, I had nothing to do with that. ...Oh, you never said I did. Er, never mind. *nervously whistles a bossa nova*

Jon: Luckily, Ethel Merman ended it by punching Charro square in the face. (The needs of the many, and all that...)

Jonathan: I can think of some more, but they're not suitable for family viewing.

Gustavo: Preach it, brother! And the art is by Dick Ayers.

Nate said...

Awww, you won me over again. Your Mighty Crusaders clip art sent me back to my long box. I've spent all morning once again lost in the adventures of the Fly, the Black Hood and the Shield.