Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Love and Kisses, Batman


"You don't have to understand! Just let me climb up on your back!"


So there are glossy pin-up photos of Batman circulating about Gotham, Old-Enough-To-Know-Better Denny O'Neil? Really? (You can't tell just by reading this, but my face looks so sarcastic and imperious and shit right now. In fact, some random dude passing by my window glanced at me and he immediately looked all humiliated and ashamed, plus I'm pretty sure he popped a boner.)

Where did General Angst even get that photo? Did he go through Vicki Vale's garbage? Did he order it from an ad in the back of "Tiger Beat" or the super-heroic equivalent thereof? Is it autographed? Did Batman advise General Angst to "reach for the stars (or else)"? Did he dot every "i" with a little bat? Did he slather on some lipstick (Revlon's "Noirish Night", which is a bloody crimson with an undertone of royal purple) and give the photo a big sloppy kiss?

Or did he make Robin do that?


LurkerWithout said...

Batman: Crossdresser for Justice!

Now theres a book I'd like to see Chuck Dixon write...

It would be almost as big a trainwreck as the Dave Sim comic about the women's fashion industry is going to be...

Jeremy Rizza said...

"Now there's a book I'd like to see Chuck Dixon write..."

With artwork by Mike S. Miller!

Aaron Stark said...

Thanks for the ppost