Friday, June 22, 2007

Gravity Girl, the Sensible Character Find of 1961!


Wait, are they talking to each other or is this a dramatic reading of business letters they've written?

I'm guessing that immediately afterwards, they both went straight home, had a glass of warm milk, and took a nap. Bah! I'm kind of "over" the Marvel Universe right now, but at least when two heroes meet there they spend a little time whaling on each other for the public's amusement. This stuff... I dunno... *shakes head*


MaGnUs said...

So, the colors in the costume go with her complexion and hair, yet she decides to wear that replica of the Man in the Iron Mask her dad bought in France the year before?

Way to go Lana.

Jeremy Rizza said...

Yes, because nothing exudes feminine sex appeal like Ferro Lad's helmet.

Skeleton Munroe said...

That's why they killed him off - DC just wasn't ready for that level of raw feminine sex appeal.

MaGnUs said...

That, and the fact that a hero called "Ferro Lad" exuded femenine sex appeal.