Monday, June 18, 2007

Damn Imperialist Venusians!


"Because God knows the ancestors of those dumb face-paintin' shmoes we passed on the way over here couldn't have done anything this cool! D'ya think maybe Leif Ericson made it this far south, or... naw! And I can't think of any other white guys who might've done this! I guess it's th' dang Moon Men!"

Professor Lang is so enraptured by his white colonialist fantasies that he doesn't even notice the legendary Ninth Wonder of the World: namely, Earth's Largest Chia Pet.


Skeleton Munroe said...

Oh, man. I had a class with Professor Lang the year I attended Smallville University. Dude had the easiest tests - the answer was always choice d)'Aliens did it.'

Anonymous said...

Oh man. I'm l-o-ling about that one, Johnathan.

I'd love to read Dr. Lang's Ph.D. dissertation on how space men from Alpha Centauri are responsible for all of the socks that disappear out of clothes dryers. (Don't ask me how that's an appropriate dissertation for an archaology degree. It was the Silver Age!)

Jeremy Rizza said...

And for a trick question, the write-in answer is "mole men from the Earth's core."

Skeleton Munroe said...

Don't remind me. I came *this* close to acing that course.