Thursday, June 21, 2007

This Is Exactly What It Was Like For the Menendez Brothers


(Having recently gambled away Lana's college fund) Professor Lang is eager to support her entry into the world of law enforcement. Sure, he's suggested she take up other life-threatening hobbies in the past -- skydiving, spelunking, piranha farming, succrology* (admittedly, that last one takes a while) -- but the flightly redhead just flat-out refuses to die.


"I trust something in a muddled, fleshy pink with an enormous zig-zag pattern will suffice--?" Meanwhile, Pa Lang nabs the opportunity to once more nip down to his dungeon -- I mean, "workshop"! Workshop!

*I'll save you trouble of Googling it. It's the collecting of sugar packets. There, isn't that amusing? It's not? And I shouldn't have to explain a joke? Oh.


Bill S. said...

Her parents are awfully supportive for what is quite possibly the dumbest idea Lana has had this week. Besides, isn't Lana already Insect Queen? And a reserve member of the Legion? How many superheroes can one meddling redhead be?

Blockade Boy said...

You just gave me an idea for a new super-group, the Legion of Lana Heroes: several irritating young women, each one taking on one of Lana's super-identities. Kinda like "Slingers." (Remember them?)

jayunderscorezero said...

Annoyingly, the adolescent fanboy in me is actually excited by a concept that can basically be described as 'Slingers meets Smallvile'. For some reason, years ago, I thought an entire team of Spider-Men was a really awesome idea (four times the angst, and in different flavours!).

Bill S. said...

So, let's see... we have Insect Queen, Gravity Girl, Super-Lana (from Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane no. 21)... Maybe an unpowered Lana could be the leader, like a bobby-socks version of Mina Murray from League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. And one of them (Insect Queen?) could actually be a guy in drag, just to mix things up a bit, and to court the gay dollar. A Bizarro-Lana could always be trying to join the team by telling everybody how stupid and ugly them is, and how she hates them, which the other Lanas won't recognize as the Bizarro equivalent of shameless brown-nosing. Every issue could end with Bizarro-Lana crying because they won't let her join, saying how she am so happy that she want to live, and all the other Lanas laughing at her, thus preserving the unrelenting tradition of jerkiness established by the original Legion.

Wow, I'm giving this way too much thought.

Needless to say, it's a comic I would read. Entire series have been built on so much less.

thatsthespirit said...

And one of them (Insect Queen?) could actually be a guy in drag,

Jimmy Olsen, obviously.

Bill S. said...

Actually, I assumed there would be The Legion of Jimmy Olsens, who would be The Legion of Lana-Heroes arch-rivals. Having said that, I like the way you think; keep thinking outside the box!

So to speak.

Blockade Boy said...

I'd suggest the two of you get started writing that puppy immediately if it weren't for those darn copyright laws! Maybe "fanfic"--?

MaGnUs said...

Jimmy Olsen as Insect (Drag) Queen!